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WOWS Podcast Ep.24 We Are Too Lazy to Run a Marathon So Here Is a Podcast

Jimbo hosts a game of “quicker or slower” celebrity London Marathon runners and Fisher gets to talk cricket, his favourite thing ever. 



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WOWS Podcast Ep.15 Some Stuff Happened in 2017

Jimbo & Fisher review the year 2017 in episode 15! Happy New Year to all of our listeners!


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WOWS Podcast Ep.14 It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas, Two Months Ago

Just when you can’t get enough Christmas, here are Jimbo & Fisher with the Christmas Special of the WOWS Podcast.

Up for discussion is the leaking HMS Queen Elizabeth, organ donation and The Apprentice final.

Jimbo & Fisher also do the casting for a modern nativity, reminisce over channel 5’s Naked Jungle with Keith Chegwin and Fisher tests out Jimbo with a Christmas quiz which he later decided he should have called “Merry Quiztmas”.

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WOWS Podcast Ep8

Jimbo and Fisher have a go on a magic 8 ball and discuss Silvio Berlusconi, Lab Made Burgers, exam results and Syria.

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WOWS Word Of The Week Ep6 – Milkshake

Jimbo is back with another Word Of The Week and this time it’s all about “Milkshake”

To suggest a future word please leave a comment or tweet us www.twitter.com/WasteOfWebSpace

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This week Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher’s (@CFishTank) #TweetsNowtOnTV were all about history…but thats in the past now.

Jimbo – @JimboStudios

The invention of the TV – seems good but when you think about it, it actually exposes everyone to places like Essex

Henry VIII – had 6 wives, who shouldn’t have said to him “I’ve had it up to the neck with you”

Nazi Germany – ruled by the most hated man ever, no not Justin Bieber

BC – this means events that occurred before Jesus Christ like shutting your finger in a car door or stubbing your toe

Invention of the Wheel – this was a wheely good idea

Ancient Egypt – used to mummify the dead which preserved them, which might explain Bruce Forsyth

Christopher Columbus – sailed and discovered America, and everyone thinks the Costa Concordia captain was bad!

The French Revolution – was a bad day for the French, I think it’s when they realised they were actually French

Admiral Nelson – was a famous navy officer whose boat insurance was very cheap

Live Aid – a rock concert which helped raise money to fight poverty in Africa…and Bonos face lift

Battle of Waterloo – was when Abba were so popular that people were fighting over copies of their single in HMV

Stoneage – when hairy men communicated through grunting, this age reoccurs every Saturday night in Barnsley at 1am

Charles Darwin – came up worth the theory of evolution when he discovered Piers Morgan had evolved from a rat

Gunpowder Plot – was when a bloke called Guy tried to blow up Parliament, it didn’t work, he fawked it up

When Women Won the Vote – without this event there’s no way One Direction would have got that far in X-Factor

Florence Nightingale – before she was a a nurse she was a vet, she was glad when the dog days were over

Fisher (@CFishTank)

The Moon Landings: is when Neil Armstrong took one giant leap – that said, he was assisted by the zero gravity

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: David Hasslehoff was present, but unfortunately he wasn’t underneath it at the time

The Independence of America: was formally declared in 1996 by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum

9/11: equals 0.8181818

Election of George Bush: happened in 1988 – he was a bad president, the USA vowed never to make that mistake again

English Civil War: was one the politest wars ever – I think that’s what a civil war is

The Polish Uprising: this started in 1863 and was led by an army general named Mr Sheen

Lord Nelson: was a great UK military leader. During his tenure, the UK only had 1 army

The Bore War: involved the British Empire fighting against some wild pigs… and John Major

The Easter Rising: was when Jesus came back from the dead in Ireland in 1916

The Battle of Stanford Bridge: took place in 1066 before the Battle of Hastings – 3 Chelsea players were red carded

The assassination of JFK: happened when Lee Harvey Owsald shot an airport

The Cuban Missile Crisis: involved Fidel Castro and Che Guevara getting lost in a supermarket

The Monica Lewinsky Scandal: her affair with Bill Clinton was blown out of proportion – and so was he…

Six day war: was only meant to last 1 day – but Royal Mail delivered the letter declaring a ceasefire

The invention of sliced bread: this happened in 1928 – it was described as being the best thing ever

and a couple from a #TweetsNowtOnTV follower @AlistairHGVCC

Columbus: public transport in South America

Charles Darwin: has a theory of evolution which is questioned because of Wayne Rooney

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more #TweetsNowtOnTV every Sunday night at 10.15pm

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The latest instalment of Sunday night #TweetsNowtOnTV is here with Jimbo @JimboStudios and Fisher @CFishTank and this time the tweets are all about Transport. Enjoy.

Jimbo (@JimboStudios)

Mersey Ferry – most people are disappointed when they get off this boat to realise they are still near Liverpool

Spaghetti Junction – would be easier to navigate around if the signs wern’t made out of spaghetti letters

Jet Ski – a huge hosepipe that fires out yoghurt

Cable Car – are now available in HD and you can pause them at any time during a journey

Dual Carriage Way – is a good place to go and fight after slapping someone with a glove

Petrol Tanker – do they ever fill up for petrol?

Dashboard – Not quite as good as the forward slash board I have in my car

St Pancras – always eat in this train station, it’s easy to digest food in there

Subway – I waited around in there for ages without anything turning up apart from a large sandwich

Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin once asked God for one, god knows if she actually ever got one

Dipstick – found under the bonnet of a car and behind the wheel of a skoda

4×4 – this car should have been called 16 but they couldn’t work out the answer

Bendy Bus – regular passengers include George Michael, Will Young and Elton John

Ford Fiesta – I had the other model of this car that wouldn’t start in the afternoon, it was called a Ford Siesta

Supertram – is really an average tram but when there’s trouble it gets in a phone box and changes into Supertram

Fisher – @CFishTank

The A3: this road runs from London to Portsmouth – and it’s twice as big as the A4…

Audi: is the favoured make of car for most cowboys

VW Golf: I once drove one of these and I suffered a really bad puncture – my tyre had 18 holes in it…

Bendy Buses: these are great at gymnastics

Euston Station: me and my friend once had a few difficulties whilst there, we said, “Euston, we have a problem”

Ford Galaxy: this car is quite simply out of this world

Rover: was a car company that went bust – at which point they removed the R from the front of its name…

The Bakerloo Line: this was drawn by a breadmaker who took a pencil and ruler to the toilet with him

Unicycle: involves missing lectures, eating pot noodles and drinking excessive amounts every day

Proton: this is a sub-atomic particle and the name of a car company – I’m positive about that

The Circle Tube Line: you end up back where you started – so it’s a bit like the Coalition Government’s policies

Train Station Toilets: they charge you 30p to use them nowadays – talk about taking the piss

Luton Airport: is what a baggage handler often does…

And some from the #TweetsNowtOnTV crowd


Bicycle – Couldn’t decide if it likes men or women so it likes both to ride it


Aeroplane: full of bubbles

Smart car: you’d have to be stupid to buy one

Rear View Mirror: a reflective piece of glass that allows you to take a peek at someone’s bum

And finally a newbie@TJHeezy

Bus Conductor – Man who conducts orchestra’s on public transport

Thanks and don’t forget to follow us and check back on Sunday nights at 10.15 pm for more #TweetsNowtOnTV

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