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WOWS Podcast Ep.33 Juliet Whisky, Charlie Foxtrot

Its National Coding week so Jimbo challenges Fisher to crack his code. Jimbo dramatically quits the podcast midway through just before Fisher hosts a quiz about Salisbury.



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WOWS Podcast Ep5

Here is Ep5 of the WOWS Podcast and this time Jimbo and Fisher are having to rely on pretty poor advertisements for funding. Up for discussion is the UK budget and Jimbo and Fisher also play a cracking Easter Egg game. Enjoy! Please leave a comment for a future shout out in an upcoming podcast.

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Hit the flap Jack…



There was loads of feedback on yesterday’s blog, it got 2 ‘likes’ – which made for more feedback than a Jimi Hendrix concept album. 


Let’s be honest, 2 ‘likes’ means that the ‘blog post was pretty much the best thing since sliced bread – does anyone know what the best was before sliced bread? Or was it created and then simply referred to as ‘the best thing ever’?


I was surprised to see that after my slightly offensive remarks that I didn’t get any correspondence from the Williams Brothers… sorry, I obviously meant ‘Williams Sisters’ – although I’m advised that Serena may well be trying to track me down whilst she’s in a Rickshaw that she has borrowed. 


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s subject, which is about flapjack – specifically, it’s about a school in Canvey Island which has banned triangular flapjack after a pupil was hit in the face with a piece of flapjack and it, obviously, hurt. 


The school in question has decided to allow square or rectangular flapjack to be used; which is bloody ridiculous, they both have 4 corners instead of 3 – so surely there’s a 33% more likely chance of being hit by a corner?


I don’t really see the logic of what the school did as it seems to be punishing an inanimate piece of flapjack instead of the person who threw the flapjack – the same school apparently banned the use of oblong bricks within the school grounds as boy was hit over the head with one and it hurt a lot – so hexagonal bricks are now used instead of normal shaped bricks. 


I suppose food in general is a very strange thing, for example there’s a product called wholemeal bread – although I just can’t imagine bread sufficiently providing a whole meal…


The flapjack story really does take the biscuit… and the person who took the decision to ban the triangular flapjack refuted all allegations that he hates oatmeal based cakes… he even drove up to the WasteOfWebSpace to prove his point… although he struggled to get of his car… apparently he hates parkin…


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There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received no ‘likes’ – which made it about as popular as Rio Ferdinand with his… erm… actually, there’s no need for a further explanation, just ‘as popular as Rio Ferdinand’ is surely sufficient?  


I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get any correspondence from any Russians or people who are big supporters of the Russian Government – although I did get one threatening message from someone who said that I’ll be made to pay for my slurs about the Russian Government; the person who left the message didn’t give his name, just initials – what kind of loser has the initials KGB anyway?


(I’ll probably have been killed by this time tomorrow…). 


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about tennis… no wait, it’s about cycling… oh no wait, it’s now about tennis again…


The reason I say this is because tennis player Serena Williams was stuck in traffic for her match at the Miami Masters, so she borrowed a bike from her hotel and cycled to the venue – I think the traffic was busy because there was a big tennis tournament in the vicinity and the world number 1 ranked player in the woman’s game was about to be taking to the Court…


Now, I know that a lot of people often comment about Serena Williams being a bit masculine, but I won’t sink to that level as she’s a brilliant tennis player. 


…who plays in the mixed singles. 


There’s no doubt that Serena would have made a very butch and manly cyclist – and that’s saying something given the sheer volume of performance-enhancing drugs that some cyclists take. 


There’s little going on in the world of tennis at the moment, although the rumours are going around to say that Andy Murray has been training hard this year in order to try and complete that almost unheard of feat for him: smiling…


It’s good news thought that Serena could play in the Miami Masters as her sister Venus was unable to play… she unfortunately has had to pull out after she got her c*ck caught in her the zip on her jeans… it was another example of a Venus fly trap incident…  


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