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WOWS Podcast Ep.37 All Other Podcasts are Fat & Smell Funny

Prince William and Kate are visiting Rotherham & Barnsley.

Jimbo takes part in Anti Bullying Week by bullying Fisher using modern slang he doesn’t understand.


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WOWS Podcast Ep.25 No One Was Injured During The Making of this Podcast

Jimbo & Fisher host the most hazardous episode so far despite it being Health & Safety themed. Jimbo blindfolds Fisher to play a game of “Sniff Uranus”


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WOWS Podcast Ep7

Jimbo & Fisher are back with another episode of the WOWS Podcast. This week Jimbo and Fisher discuss the Royal Baby, Wonga Vs The Church, Penis Competitions and they also run a special ‘Agony Aunt section’ helping the loyal listeners with their everyday problems. Enjoy and please tweet us at www.twitter.com/WasteOfWebSpace

We apologise in advance for the overuse of the word ‘penis’ in this episode.

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