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The North/South divide…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it once again received no ‘likes’, which made it about as popular as a prospective judge on The Voice who suffers from motion sickness (on the subject of The Voice – why isn’t the competition on the radio if the only thing that matters is singing?). 


I was a bit surprised that yesterday’s ‘blog didn’t get any correspondence from the people of South Wales, although I’m told that the van delivering their letter is quibbling over the price of crossing the River Severn. That said, I stand by my slight digs aimed at South Wales and it’s clearly a bit of a rubbish place – hence the Australians deciding that the needed to make a New South Wales…  


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about the Kaesong industrial zone in Korea – something which I’m surprised I don’t ‘blog about every day. 


Korea is an interesting place, with the south being far more affluent than the north… sorry, I meant ‘England is an interesting place, with the south being far more affluent than the north’…


The reason I mention the Kaesong industrial zone is because North Korea has announced that it will no longer allow South Korean workers to cross the border and work in the 120 factories based in the Kaesong industrial zone. As such this has caused tensions between Seoul (the capital of South Korea and Pyongyang (the capital of North Korea). All-in-all, I’m not too fussed about the whole thing, but I’m generally siding with Seoul on the basis that it’s far easier to spell. 


North Korea is one of only 3 communist states still remaining (along with Cuba and China – that’s a rare WOWS ‘Blog fact for you there) and is thus isn’t viewed favourably by America, who have sent military planes to nearby regions. This includes the USS John McCain, which can intercept missiles – although I’m not sure what it does with them once it has intercepted them, does it smash the missile into loads of smaller missiles? If so, then surely that’s a far more dangerous thing? It’s a bit like saying, “would you rather get into a boxing ring with David Haye or 10 ordinary men?” (By the way, if you’re considering answering this question, David Haye would have a fully functioning toe in this bout). 


The naming of the plane after John McCain is an interesting one, after all he a politician so skilled that he lost to George W Bush in the nomination to be the Republican candidate in the 2000 US election and he was also imprisoned in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp nicknamed the Hanoi Hilton – which was a place more squalid and disgusting than Paris Hilton…


The situation between the North and South Korea is a pretty desperate one… particularly for the people who may lose their jobs in the Kaesong industrial zone… the poor things… they’ll now be looking for a change of Korea…



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This week Jimbo & Fisher opted to tweet about Music and in particular bands/artists. Here a few of the highlights. Remember to follow @jimbostudios and @CFishTank on Twitter for more Tweets every Sunday evening from 10.15pm (its better than TOWIE).

The Good, The Bad and The Queen – are the nicknames of the 3 male judges on Strictly Come Dancing

MC Hammer – a useful tool for them MC’s who just won’t quite fit behind the decks

Beyonce – should dump Jay-Z and marry GMTV presenter Andrew Castle

Usher – I’m sick of him telling me where to sit at his gigs, I wish he would just sing

The White Stripes – their tour bus goes really quickly thanks to the way it’s decorated

UB40 – a quick abrievation if your in a rush and writing someone’s 40th birthday card

Rolling Stones – would be what happens in a game of curling if there was no ice

The Police – pulled me over for drink driving I asked “how can you tell?” they said “every breath you take”

Fatboy Slim- should make his mind up about his weight issues

Spice Girls – started their early career performing in Indian Restaurants

Elbow- I can’t tell them apart from a rival band who are called Arse

Green Day – the lead singer hibernates throughout the whole of September

Jet- as a band, they never really took off

Queen – she hasn’t been the same since Freddie Mercury died bless her

Razorlight- whilst on tour, the lead singer once had his Mach 3 stolen

Professor Green – loves cluedo, cant decide if his favourite character is Professor Plum or Reverend Green

Franz Ferdinand- if their lead singer was shot, it would probably trigger World War 3

Plan B – Hasn’t always had it great, his first plan to be a musical success failed

Paris Hilton – her singing wasn’t great but the videos were good and I’m not talking about the ones on MTV

The Coral- I’d bet they’re a better band than The Ladbrokes and The William Hill

Akon – an R&B artist who also is in business fitting ventilation/cooling systems

The Vaccines- a lot of people hate their music – but I’m immune to it

Weezer – they had terrible asthma

Adele- a type of laptop, they’re better than a Hewlett Packard or an Acer

Lighthouse Family – their career hit the rocks

Editors- aren’t responsible if their journalists hack innocent people’s mobile phones

Johnny Cash – his friends always asked him for spare change for the condom machine

Right Said Fred – word of warning! don’t ever buy the Right Said Fred official sat nav!

Blur- Ozzy Osbourne would describe his daily life as one of these

Atomic Kitten – their album sales were only good due to an Al Qaeda admin error

The Corrs- so called because men often watched them perform and said “corr… look at them

Abba – were supposed to be named Abba but their manager wrote their name backwards on the registration form

Blue- they had 4 members, I think they were called, Duncan, James, Lee and Ryan

Dizzee Rascal – a rap artist who took a nasty blow to the head and now can’t spell

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