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WOWS Podcast Ep.54 It’s a Pancake, nothing but s Pancake

It’s pancake day and your favourite useless tossers Jimbo & Fisher are back with another podcast episode

Fisher hosts an Instagram followers quiz and Jimbo tests Fisher on celebrities who have had feuds with Piers Morgan

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Oscar Pistol-orius…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, even though I slagged off Piers Morgan – I thought that would make the ‘blog more popular than Jeremy Clarkson at the Nation Xenophobics Association’s annual meeting.

I also received no ‘likes’ – so I’m guessing my references to Shrove Tuesday fell as flat as a… erm… er… er… no, I can’t think of a word to finish the sentence…

Anyhow, it’s time to move onto today’s topic and following on from Pancake Day, I geared myself up last night to write about Valentines Day today and I swore to myself that I’d only not write about Valentines Day in the event that the world’s most famous Paralympian shot his girlfriend…

Fortunately that’s unlikely to happen, so I’m going to write about Valentines Day instead and currently I’m waiting for my date for tonight arrive, I’ve invited her to my house to eat a meal on Valentines Day at 8:30pm – I’ll be honest, I don’t think she’s going to turn up as it’s now 9:00pm… and I invited her in 2006…

Anyhow, I do enjoy the concept of Valentines Day and it’s great to buy presents for the people you love; this year, I bought some flowers synonymous with Amsterdam for my girlfriend – I think she liked them… there was certainly a smile on the Tulips…


I’ve just seen the news…

The world’s most famous Paralympian has shot his girlfriend – what an inconsiderate prick, and more importantly, what a dreadful Valentines Day present?

The story broke this morning that Oscar Pistorius had accidentally shot his girlfriend when she came round to surprise him on Valentines Day (quite why you’d surprise someone who you knew owned a gun is a shade on the illogical side). In any event, having seen a few pictures of his girlfriend, I can confirm that: a) she would be an incredibly attractive burglar; b) I would like to have had her intrude into my house in the middle of the night; and c) I most definitely wouldn’t shoot her.

In any event, Pistorius is rumoured to live in a highly secure area of Petoria, so it’s highly unlikely that his girlfriend would be able to break in (unless she’s a Paralympic pole valuer who was capable of jumping over the security fence surrounding his house).

After further analysis and speculation it’s now suspected that he intentionally shot her having previously been involved in ‘domestic incidents’ – which means that the man nicknamed ‘Blade Runner’ may be a bit sinister…

Is goes without saying that whilst many men are a bit insensitive on Valentines Day, Pistorius surely has set the bar pretty high in terms of being a bad boyfriend, apparently previous presents he gave included a bouquet of flowers that he’d bought from a petrol station (or been given after he won a race) and a CD – which was ironically by Bullet for my Valentine…

Pistorius is regarded as a unique athlete; being disabled, yet still competing with able-bodied athletes is an astonishing achievement. Although, his athletics career stalled to some extend during the 2012 Olympics… he was chosen to be part of South Africa’s 5 man 400 metre relay squad… unfortunately he was left out of the final 4-man relay team… basically, he didn’t have a leg…

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Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) are here with an Easter special of #TweetsNowtOnTV with #EasterTweetsNowtOnTV , Enjoy!

Easter Egg Hunt – played at Easter when you have to find Easter eggs. It’s easy I found mine at Tesco

Buttons Egg – an Easter Egg with chocolate buttons inside, I couldn’t open mine it took me ages, I’ve cracked it now

Easter Bonnet – is what you would wear on your head. Bloody heavy wearing the front a car on your head.

Maundy Thursday – the last Supper when Jesus gave his followers bread and wine, he could have just retweeted them

Lambs – often associated with Easter, not sure what George and his dad Larry have to do with Easter to be honest

Judas – betrayed Jesus and was very unpopular for it, he has a Lady Gaga song named after him though so every cloud

Henry VIII – was the first person to ever receive an Easter Egg, he received the next 100 as well with the look of it

Easter Chicks – a pull out poster in the Easter edition of Playboy magazine

The Three Mary’s – visited Jesus Tomb after his death. As if he wasn’t confused enough

Passover – Man Citys long ball tactics

Shrove Tuesday – known as pancake day, I got a pancake stuck to the to the ceiling this year, my girlfriend flipped

Easter Egg Hunt – is rhyming slang for how you’d describe Piers Morgan

Crown of Thorns – caused a terrible headache and irritation – I think it was the inspiration for The Only Way is Essex

Jesus’ resurrection – I don’t know what a resurrection is – but I’m guessing it’s better than a normal erection

The Crucifix – Jesus needed this to happen like he needed a hole in the head… and hand… and foot…

Lent – you give something up until Easter – I stopped letting people borrow things this year for lent…

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