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WOWS Podcast Ep.24 We Are Too Lazy to Run a Marathon So Here Is a Podcast

Jimbo hosts a game of “quicker or slower” celebrity London Marathon runners and Fisher gets to talk cricket, his favourite thing ever. 


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WOWS News Round Up January 17th 2013

Waste of Web Space and been going through the newspapers this week….

The Daily Mail is reporting today that two crane drivers are the luckiest men in Britain. They should have been in the crane above a sky scraper when a helicopter crashed into it, however they overslept… They might think they are lucky but now they have a lot more work to do on the building. Obviously the moral of the story is stay in bed and be late for work every single day.

The Sun is reporting on Katie Price’s third marriage. Here at Waste of Web Space we are looking forward to the Philip Schofield and Fern Britton presented All Star Mr & Mrs on ITV and the episode featuring Katie Price. Its going to be called “Mr & Mr & Mr and Mrs”

The Mirror Newspaper  is reporting on the decline of Blockbuster video rental.Waste of Web Space has heard that the Administrators of Blockbuster have announced plans to make a film about its demise . We wouldn’t mind renting that out when it’s released. The other issue of course for Blockbuster was the erotic film and porn industry which has seen its industry flourish online. The problem for Blockbuster was that short bald men just couldn’t reach the top shelf. Failing to move the DVDs down a shelf or two has probably cost it millions.

Several newspapers are also reporting on Lance Armstrong and the TV interview in which he comes clean about using performing enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career, it is believed that he wants to return to cycling competitions – We suppose that if they don’t let him return to competitive cycling then he should probably look to try another Sport? One that is perhaps clean of scandals such as drug use…perhaps Horseracing?

If you enjoyed reading this then you will also probably like our podcast, Have a listen!


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Jimbo (@JimboStudios) & Fisher (@CFishTank) are hardworking bloggers. They are also very focussed on the market and are aware of the competition out their from the printed press. To prove it, here are some #PressTweetsNowtOnTV. Enjoy.

Good Housekeeping – I can’t find my copy, it’s somewhere under all the empty pizza boxes in the living room

Cosmopolitan – I tried drinking this magazine, it tasted a little glossy, I wasn’t keen

PC magazine – a computing magazine that is politically correct

Heat – you have to be quick to read this magazine before the ink gets to hot and runs

Angling Times – I love this magazine, it reeled me in and now I’m hooked

The Times – in spring they put the publication of this paper forward an hour and then put it back an hour in autumn

The Mirror – when I read this paper I always find myself in it

The Big Issue – a magazine featuring a pull out poster of Rick Waller

Zoo Magazine – you’d have to be a complete animal to read this magazine

NME – I get tired reading this magazine

The People – this is Michael Barrymores kind of Newspaper

Match magazine – popular amongst football players but they still prefer Biff, Chip and Kipper

Avon – A magazine about beauty products. It has all the foundations of a good magazine.

Yorkshire Post – This is delivered by t’postman

Today’s Golfer – I borrowed this magazine from my 7 year old cousin. I couldn’t open the pages, it’s full of bogeys

Readers Digest – an excellent magazine, you can eat it after you have read it

Slimming World Magazine – this magazine really works, I bought it and lost a couple of pounds straight away

Good Housekeeping – I can’t find my copy, it’s somewhere under all the empty pizza boxes in the living room

Radio Times – I’m not so keen on this magazine, it’s just not on my wavelength

Woman – this is published on a Thursday – I should be published on Wednesday, but it takes ages to get ready

The Express – I read through this really quickly

Yorkshire Post – is delivered by t’postman

Goal – I one stole Shayne Ward’s copy of this football magazine. He spotted me and said, “that’s my goal”

Take a Break – I couldn’t be bothered to read this – so I ate a Kit Kat instead

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