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More #TweetsNowtOnTV and this time Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and (@CFishTank) spent their 14o characters tweeting all about luxuries!

Jimbo @JimboStudios

Limo – I could just afford one of these, but it was a stretch

Spa Day – I once went for a spa day. I bought a newspaper, a packet of chocolate fingers and a lottery ticket

Champagne – the England football team don’t drink much of this

The Ritz – is really expensive for a cracker biscuit

Holiday Home – lots of celebrities have these but Jimmy Savile had a camper van, he said it helped him feel young

Fur Coat – Animal rights campaigners don’t like these. I think it’s because they are too expensive

Motorboat – I was offered a cheap one these because the motor was broken, it’s on sale now

Limousine – My girlfriend has asked for one of these, I can probably just afford one but it will be a stretch

Super King Sized Bed – sounds like a huge bed but actually it’s only the size of a cigarette packet

Gold Filling – I once wrote to Jim’ll fix it asking for these, kind of regret it now

Swimming Pool – having one of these is a luxury..unless your Michael Barrymore

En-Suite – I want a house with one these but they are quite expensive. I will look for one that’s bog standard

Heated Toilet Seat – I really want one of these, they are shit hot

Fisher @CFishTank

Las Vegas Strip – a place in the USA…or what Prince Harry did

Travelling first class – is an upmarket thing to do – although I’d say travelling via post is a cheap thing to do

Burberry – they used to have a really luxury brand – but their recent history has been quite checkered.

Selfridges – this luxury department store has recently diversified its product range – they now sell freezers as well

Upmarket tailored suits – you can buy these from London’s Savile Row – although this road may now have to be renamed…

A Tag Heuer watch: I lost mine – I was going to look for it, but I didn’t have the time…

The Las Vegas Strip – is home to many upmarket large hotels… and is what Prince Harry did

Armani – Silvio Berlusconi has a pair of these Italian jeans – you can find them on the floor of a woman’s bedroom

Canapé – is what you call it when a Scottish person can’t afford something…

Dyson ball cleaner – a lad who I know got confused about the proper use of this – she regrets that mistake now…

Chanel No. 5 – make high quality perfume – but the television programmes they show are awful

Extra thick toilet paper – some people think it’s important – although I don’t have a roll for it in my bathroom…

Offshore bank accounts – these are held by numerous wealthy people – and the dogs of football managers…

The American Express Black Card – is a credit card for wealthy people, like footballers – but John Terry hates them…

Being driven by a chauffeur: is a great luxury – as long as he isn’t drunk and heading through a tunnel in Paris

Polo: is a game played on horses – I think you have to hit a ball through a hole on a minty sweet

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Jimbo (@JimboStudios) & Fisher (@CFishTank) are hardworking bloggers. They are also very focussed on the market and are aware of the competition out their from the printed press. To prove it, here are some #PressTweetsNowtOnTV. Enjoy.

Good Housekeeping – I can’t find my copy, it’s somewhere under all the empty pizza boxes in the living room

Cosmopolitan – I tried drinking this magazine, it tasted a little glossy, I wasn’t keen

PC magazine – a computing magazine that is politically correct

Heat – you have to be quick to read this magazine before the ink gets to hot and runs

Angling Times – I love this magazine, it reeled me in and now I’m hooked

The Times – in spring they put the publication of this paper forward an hour and then put it back an hour in autumn

The Mirror – when I read this paper I always find myself in it

The Big Issue – a magazine featuring a pull out poster of Rick Waller

Zoo Magazine – you’d have to be a complete animal to read this magazine

NME – I get tired reading this magazine

The People – this is Michael Barrymores kind of Newspaper

Match magazine – popular amongst football players but they still prefer Biff, Chip and Kipper

Avon – A magazine about beauty products. It has all the foundations of a good magazine.

Yorkshire Post – This is delivered by t’postman

Today’s Golfer – I borrowed this magazine from my 7 year old cousin. I couldn’t open the pages, it’s full of bogeys

Readers Digest – an excellent magazine, you can eat it after you have read it

Slimming World Magazine – this magazine really works, I bought it and lost a couple of pounds straight away

Good Housekeeping – I can’t find my copy, it’s somewhere under all the empty pizza boxes in the living room

Radio Times – I’m not so keen on this magazine, it’s just not on my wavelength

Woman – this is published on a Thursday – I should be published on Wednesday, but it takes ages to get ready

The Express – I read through this really quickly

Yorkshire Post – is delivered by t’postman

Goal – I one stole Shayne Ward’s copy of this football magazine. He spotted me and said, “that’s my goal”

Take a Break – I couldn’t be bothered to read this – so I ate a Kit Kat instead

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