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WOWS Podcast Ep.41 Happy New Year…7 Days Late

A week late but Happy New Year! Jimbo and Fisher talk Wayne Hennessey, Wayne Rooney and Greggs Vegan Sausage Rolls. Fisher completes his year 2018 quiz.


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I hope you’ve had a Good Friday…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, albeit that was hardly surprising given that the ‘blog was shorter than one of Katie Price’s skirts. 


There wasn’t much in the way of feedback of the previous day’s ‘blog either and it was noticeable that both ‘blogs contained jokes about England being bad at football – perhaps this is some kind of subconscious thing? Or perhaps it’s just the case that England are woeful at football?


Anyhow, I was struggling to find something to comment on today when I saw a news article about there being an online dating website (what other type of website could there be, an ‘offline website’?) which specifically offered dating opportunities for people who carried sexually transmitted diseases – which sounds like a positive thing…


However, I then thought I’d try and write a few things about Easter, even though I know very little about it – I’m kind of hoping that my ability to write about something in spite of my total ignorance will land me a job working for The Daily Mail…


Easter is in celebration of our saviour Jesus Christ dying and then being resurrected – and we celebrate this via a changing date every year, although we celebrate his birthday at Christmas on a fixed date every year. That doesn’t make any sense though does it? Anyone would have thought the whole thing was a load of b*llcks, but fortunately I’m not very sceptical and inquisitive…


Jesus celebrated his life prior to his death with his apostles at the last supper, Paul and Peter were in charge of catering and totally forgot to order any food – fortunately though Jesus managed to find 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread and everything was sorted…   


There’s a lot of celebrating in unusual and commercialised methods. These include making an Easter bonnet – which is good, although having half a car strapped to your head can be a bit cumbersome and difficult at times.


There’s also a number of historical moments which happened at Easter, such as the 1998 Good Friday Agreement where Tony Blair for the first time allowed the people of Northern Ireland to choose their own Easter eggs (or something like that) and the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916 (which I think happened shortly after the invention of yeast, which is an infectious kind of baking product – sorry, I’m back talking about STI’s again…). 


Actually, that’s a load of rubbish, yeast has been around for thousands years and was partly responsible for Jesus rising – hence this festival originally being called ‘Yeaster’ for many years until the first letter was dropped around the turn of the 12th century – I have no idea Y that happened…


(I’ll be honest, I might have made up that last paragraph). 


The main part of Easter is obviously the religious connotations and it’s a chance for many practising Christians to head to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus… my local church was due to be holding a big service this Easter, but unfortunately it was burgled last night… the burglars took almost everything… if it wasn’t nailed down, it was stolen… so Jesus was okay…


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WOWS News Round Up January 18th 2013

BBC News is reporting on Lib Dem MEP Sir Graham Watson being reprimanded by his own party over an inappropriate tweet in which he commented on David Cameron postponing a speech on Europe due to the hostage situation in Algeria. The tweet allegedly said “Al Qaeda 1 @David Cameron 0”

Waste of Web Space view: Well yet again we have another situation where we can’t trust politicians with Twitter. Come to think of it can we actually trust politicians with anything? Come to think of it can we trust politicians? It’s almost like a bunch of old men have got all excited about being cool enough to use twitter. Finally a tool where boring folk are able to fit in and express their opinions to the world. Perhaps politicians were the uncool kids at school and twitter is a bit of a way at hitting back and saying “no, look at me, I’m popular now!”. Well all we would have to respond to this is simply “Twitter 1 @grahamwatsonmep 0”

On the plus side though Sir Graham Watson has thought up quite an interesting idea. You see these things on the television such as Superstars where soap stars and celebrities take part in Olympic based sports. Why not do something similar where politicians and world leaders have a football match with Al Qaeda? Surely this would be a more civilised way to battle against terrorism. After all football is the language of the world? So for this concept, we thank you Sir Graham Watson. Certainly something to consider. “Twitter 1 @grahamwatsonmep 1”.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Apple are planning to start making iPhone 5s in March with view to a summer launch.

Well Waste of Web Space is at the forefront of modern technology and we have already been working closely with Apple on not the iPhone 5s but the iPhone 6. Have a look at our prototype

iPhone 6

More on Katie Price and her 3rd marriage again now as The Sun reports that a Psychic told her to marry again. Now we would love to know how much her Psychic is being paid because we could easily predict that this 3rd marriage will probably end within the next 6 months and this time next year she will be marrying her 4th husband. That could have just earned us a fortune…if we were a psychic organisation. We wonder if the psychic also predicted that Katie Price probably had a new series of her reality tv series “Katie” coming up this year and probably desperately needed something remotely interesting to film? In fact, if we use our psychic abilities we could probably predict that Katie Price’s psychic is also her TV producer?

Many are reporting on the snow which has spread across the UK

Well it happens every year and still we all go into a mad panic/excitement about it. Theres no bread or milk in the shops because everyone has bought it all. It makes us wonder though, how much bread and milk are the UK public planning to consume in the snow crisis? Do we all go on a binge session of bread and milk just because it snows? According to reports Wales has been hit worse. No internet access or electricity…and then it started to snow.

If you enjoyed reading this then please check out our WOWS Podcast


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WOWS News Round Up January 17th 2013

Waste of Web Space and been going through the newspapers this week….

The Daily Mail is reporting today that two crane drivers are the luckiest men in Britain. They should have been in the crane above a sky scraper when a helicopter crashed into it, however they overslept… They might think they are lucky but now they have a lot more work to do on the building. Obviously the moral of the story is stay in bed and be late for work every single day.

The Sun is reporting on Katie Price’s third marriage. Here at Waste of Web Space we are looking forward to the Philip Schofield and Fern Britton presented All Star Mr & Mrs on ITV and the episode featuring Katie Price. Its going to be called “Mr & Mr & Mr and Mrs”

The Mirror Newspaper  is reporting on the decline of Blockbuster video rental.Waste of Web Space has heard that the Administrators of Blockbuster have announced plans to make a film about its demise . We wouldn’t mind renting that out when it’s released. The other issue of course for Blockbuster was the erotic film and porn industry which has seen its industry flourish online. The problem for Blockbuster was that short bald men just couldn’t reach the top shelf. Failing to move the DVDs down a shelf or two has probably cost it millions.

Several newspapers are also reporting on Lance Armstrong and the TV interview in which he comes clean about using performing enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career, it is believed that he wants to return to cycling competitions – We suppose that if they don’t let him return to competitive cycling then he should probably look to try another Sport? One that is perhaps clean of scandals such as drug use…perhaps Horseracing?

If you enjoyed reading this then you will also probably like our podcast, Have a listen!


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WOWS Podcast Ep1 (Pilot)

Here is Jimbo & Fisher’s first attempt a podcast. Podcasting means we don’t have to subject you to our natural good lucks but instead you concentrate on our smooth sounding voices. Jimbo and Fisher discuss new ITV programme “Splash”, Jimmy Savile, Twitter and talk about potential podcast feature ideas.

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