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WOWS Podcast Ep4

The next instalment of the WOWS Podcast is here. In this episode Jimbo & Fisher discuss Justin Bieber, The Queen and potential merchandise for Waste of Web Space. Jimbo and Fisher also attempt to do a film section and then mark International Womens Day and Mothers Day…but not very well. Enjoy and please leave a comment if you would like a shout out in the next podcast.

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News Justin…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it got no ‘likes’ – which made it less popular than Christiano Ronaldo was in Manchester 5 years ago, but more popular than he is tonight (I’m hoping he doesn’t blast a penalty over the bar in the last minute, otherwise I’ll have just looked a bit stupid – and watching the football will probably lead to today’s ‘blog being streamlined). 


I was a bit surprised that no-one from Rolls Royce has contacted me yet. Although apparently they are sending me a letter, but it’s coming via the Cayman Islands as it’s far more tax efficient…


Anyhow, it’s time to press on with today’s blog, which is about a little girl called Justine Bieber who is a popular singer. 


I’m only joking, Justine Bieber is a man… well, he’s a boy – I’ll be honest, I don’t really want to annoy his fans as they’re notoriously keen to hassle people on Twitter and via other social networks… and in any event it’s Justine Bieber’s job to annoy his fans. 


I say that because he allegedly came out to perform at his concert at the O2 arena last night 2 hours late – although if I was watching Justine Bieber and he didn’t appear for a while, I don’t think I’d really be all that bothered.


Unfortunately, it’s not the first controversy that Justine Bieber has been involved in this year – one wild rumour speculated that he might be called Justin… and there was also an unfortunate incident this year where he was caught taking drugs, which led to some of his upset fans self-harming… they listened to his album… 


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