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WOWS Podcast Ep1 (Pilot)

Here is Jimbo & Fisher’s first attempt a podcast. Podcasting means we don’t have to subject you to our natural good lucks but instead you concentrate on our smooth sounding voices. Jimbo and Fisher discuss new ITV programme “Splash”, Jimmy Savile, Twitter and talk about potential podcast feature ideas.

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Jimbo’s Advent Calendar Returns Ep1

After a 2 year absence Jimbo is back with the Advent Calendar. With a bigger budget available Jimbo shows off some special effects. Enjoy!

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#ShowbizTweetsNowtOnTV – The Last #TweetsNowtOnTV ever.

This is the last ever #TweetsNowtOnTV. Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) have reached the remarkable feat of 52 editions of #TweetsNowtOnTV. This is a full years worth and is why Jimbo & Fisher have decided to call it a day.

So here is the last ever #TweetsNowtOnTV – Jimbo  and Fisher tweeted all about showbiz.

Jimbo – @JimboStudios

Elvis – My Grandma was all shook up when he died

Mercury Music Awards – liquid based heavy metal music is usually a big winner at these awards

Elvis – my grandma was a big Elvis fan. When she heard about his death she was all shook up

Soap Operas – I’ve stopped watching these as they were getting on my nerves. I’m watching Hand Sanitizer operas now

Meatloaf – my girlfriend wanted me to take her to a Meatloaf gig. Now I’d do anything for love but I won’t do that.

Will.i.am – is an unfortunate example of illiterate parents with bad grammar

Strictly Come Dancing – they abbreviate this to SCD. Which is why they couldn’t just do a show based on tap dancing

Katie Price – split up with her boyfriend this week. Next month she will be divorcing her next weeks 2nd husband

Labrinth – I love his music. I put it on and just get completely lost in it

Britains Got Talent – I auditioned for this singing, acting, dancing & comedy. I made a complete show of myself

Girls Aloud – are reforming for their 10th anniversary. Wow 10 years! That’s a whole lotta history

Hulk Hogan – apparently sex tapes have been leaked of this wrestling legend. That’s a choke hold I don’t want to see

Michael Jackson – I once had my picture took with him…well it was a waxwork in Madam Tussauds..same thing

Bruce Forsyth – Is the 1st oldest person in showbiz. The 2nd oldest created earth in one week

Sylvester Stalone – I love the film where he is a boxer. But I prefer the programme where he chases a yellow budgie

Fisher (@CFishTank)

Charlie Chaplin was arrested but chose to remain silent in court

Paul O’Grady – he used to dress up as a woman, until he got bad reviews – he was Savaged by the press

Kim & Aggie – they won loads of awards at the National Television Awards – they cleaned up

The Brit Awards – are Nick Griffin’s favourite award ceremony

Gary Glitter – it’s alleged that he’s a prominent member of a child abuse ring – he’s the leader of the gang

Bruce Forsyth – I once met his sister’s daughter – it was niece to see her

Anthea Turner – she did a TV show about being the perfect housewife – why wasn’t she at home doing some cooking?

Anne Robinson – was knocked unconscious recently; her face was lifeless… and then she was knocked unconscious

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen – he’s an interior designer who has won loads of awards – he’s been heavily decorated

Celebrity Wife Swap – is John Terry’s favourite tv programme

Dick & Dom – one of them is very irritating and unfunny… and so is the other one

Film Festivals – there’s a famous one in France – but I Cannes not think of its name

George Michael – I saw a fly on the wall documentary about him – it was real car crash TV

Bruce Forsyth (again) – was really popular in the 70’s – the 1970’s and the 1870’s

Charlie Chaplin – was arrested recently – when appearing in Court, he decided to remain silent

Jim’ll Fix It – I once wrote to it asking for the presenter’s legacy to be ruined, I’m not sure what came of it though

#TweetsNowtOnTV has now finished but coming soon we will be posting #TweetsNowtOnTV’s best bits from the last 52 editions!


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More #TweetsNowtOnTV and this time Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and (@CFishTank) spent their 14o characters tweeting all about luxuries!

Jimbo @JimboStudios

Limo – I could just afford one of these, but it was a stretch

Spa Day – I once went for a spa day. I bought a newspaper, a packet of chocolate fingers and a lottery ticket

Champagne – the England football team don’t drink much of this

The Ritz – is really expensive for a cracker biscuit

Holiday Home – lots of celebrities have these but Jimmy Savile had a camper van, he said it helped him feel young

Fur Coat – Animal rights campaigners don’t like these. I think it’s because they are too expensive

Motorboat – I was offered a cheap one these because the motor was broken, it’s on sale now

Limousine – My girlfriend has asked for one of these, I can probably just afford one but it will be a stretch

Super King Sized Bed – sounds like a huge bed but actually it’s only the size of a cigarette packet

Gold Filling – I once wrote to Jim’ll fix it asking for these, kind of regret it now

Swimming Pool – having one of these is a luxury..unless your Michael Barrymore

En-Suite – I want a house with one these but they are quite expensive. I will look for one that’s bog standard

Heated Toilet Seat – I really want one of these, they are shit hot

Fisher @CFishTank

Las Vegas Strip – a place in the USA…or what Prince Harry did

Travelling first class – is an upmarket thing to do – although I’d say travelling via post is a cheap thing to do

Burberry – they used to have a really luxury brand – but their recent history has been quite checkered.

Selfridges – this luxury department store has recently diversified its product range – they now sell freezers as well

Upmarket tailored suits – you can buy these from London’s Savile Row – although this road may now have to be renamed…

A Tag Heuer watch: I lost mine – I was going to look for it, but I didn’t have the time…

The Las Vegas Strip – is home to many upmarket large hotels… and is what Prince Harry did

Armani – Silvio Berlusconi has a pair of these Italian jeans – you can find them on the floor of a woman’s bedroom

Canapé – is what you call it when a Scottish person can’t afford something…

Dyson ball cleaner – a lad who I know got confused about the proper use of this – she regrets that mistake now…

Chanel No. 5 – make high quality perfume – but the television programmes they show are awful

Extra thick toilet paper – some people think it’s important – although I don’t have a roll for it in my bathroom…

Offshore bank accounts – these are held by numerous wealthy people – and the dogs of football managers…

The American Express Black Card – is a credit card for wealthy people, like footballers – but John Terry hates them…

Being driven by a chauffeur: is a great luxury – as long as he isn’t drunk and heading through a tunnel in Paris

Polo: is a game played on horses – I think you have to hit a ball through a hole on a minty sweet

If you enjoyed these Tweets then please follow Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) on Twitter!

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More #TweetsNowtOnTV are here and this time Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) tweet all about groups, organisations and societies #GroupTweetsNowtOnTV

Jimbo (@JimboStudios)

Stamp Collectors – A first class society

Stamp Collectors Society – as far as collectors societies go, this one is first class

Miners Welfare – I think this is a group for people Jimmy Savile used to know

Paranormal Groups – I once went to one of these, the people were a bit weird, they all looked like they’d seen a ghost

Gamblers Anonymous – I need to go to this but its full. They said they will let me know when there’s a spare slot

Fishing Club – I have been in my fishing club for 15 years, I can’t help it, I’m hooked!

Student Union – I was in the Student Union at university. The uniform was last nights clothes and a traffic cone hat

Arts & Crafts Club – I was abused when I was in this club. I got felt up.

Scouts – Scouts are always going on about how great they are & how much good they do, what do they want a bloody badge!

Rainbows – I tried to join Rainbows but was thrown out for turning up dressed as Zippy

Model Airplane Society – I once tried to start one of these societies but it never really took off

Poker Club – my local poker club have just celebrated there 15th anniversary I sent them a card & gave them a big hand

Train Spotters – these people are great. They have an excellent track record.

Nudist Society – I was annoyed when i was thrown out of this society for wearing underwear…the bare cheek of it!

Fisher (@CFishTank)

The F.A – Roy Hodgson will tell you all about these…on the tube

The FA – Roy Hogdson has some strong views on his employer – if you’re on the tube, he might tell them to you

The Royal Shakespeare Company – they lost a pencil recently; no-one knows what type it was – was it a 2B or not 2B?

The TUC – a trade union body that insists on people having coffee breaks – and eating cheesy biscuits at the same time

Gamblers Anonymous – my local group closed recently – I’m not sure what the odds on that happening were…

The Brownies – John Terry isn’t a fan of this group…

Equity – 2 members of this actors union had a row recently – although they might have just been pretending

News International Group – are organising an Xmas party – James Murdoch isn’t going as he didn’t know anything about it

The Football Referees Association – wrongdoings in this group were recently revealed by a whistle-blower…

The National Trust – Jimmy Savile lost this year…

Association of Rail Operators – their annual meeting was delayed… then it was cancelled and took place on a bus

Group for embarrassing problems – I went to the premature ejaculators group – although I arrived far too early…

Alcoholics Anonymous – these meetings are quite strenuous – so the participants often nip for a pint afterwards…

Trade Unions –  they had a ten-pin bowling night the other week – there were loads of strikes

British Dental Association – they once merged with the British Manicurists Association – but they fought tooth and nail

This was the 50th ever #TweetsNowtOnTV and sadly it will becoming to an end when Jimbo and Fisher reach the 52nd. A lot of our #TweetsNowtOnTV are archived here on our website though so feel free to have a browse through. Don’t forget to follow Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and (@CFishTank) on twitter!

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This Is What I Like (Part 2) By Jimbo

Things I like and wanted to share part 2!

Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders guilty pleasure

I love this programme, but its one of them TV programmes I get into and watch religiously for a couple of months and then not bother with for a while. Not quite sure why I like it, it used to scare me to death as a kid especially the eerie music. One of the first episodes I remember watching is where someone was bludgeoned with a cricket bat, I think I was probably about 8 at the time. I know what your thinking, watching programmes like that when you were only 8 years old!! But I wasn’t always allowed to watch programmes like that at 8 years old, so when I wasnt allowed, I just put some porn on. Only joking…that wasnt until I was at least 9. (joking again). Now I have written the word “Porn” in the same paragraph as Midsomer murders I’m sure that this webpage will get some hits from some fans who are searching for “Midsomer Murder Porn”. Or even worse “Murder Porn”. Neither of which I recommend of course unless you want to be investigated by real life detectives. I now realise that this section of Things I Like hasn’t really had much to do with Midsomer Murders at all. But anyway…I like it.

Fancy Dress and Halloween

Fancy dress can be a pain for going to the toilet.

Now by fancy dress I mean, nights out and Halloween, not in the bedroom fancy dress. Believe me I’m not the type to dress as a fireman, kick down the bedroom door and whip out my hose pipe. A friend once told me that Halloween was her Christmas. She was into gothic and emo type stuff so it didn’t surprise me but since I have got older Halloween has definitely got more fun and I would now go as far as agreeing with what that girl told me. it’s better than Christmas. I don’t get as many sweets or chocolate but it’s so much fun to buy a ridiculously over the top fancy dress costume and go partying. It’s one night when you don’t have to actually worry about what your wearing…unless of course your Prince Harry and dress as a Nazi or you foolishly ordered a Jimmy Savile fancy dress costume. Certainly don’t go knocking on doors dressed as Jimmy Savile this Halloween. Now over the last few years I have dressed as a Clown, Jester, Thunderbird, Darth Vader and last year Edward Scissorhands. With my group of friends there’s also a secrecy over who will be dressed as what in order for their to be an element of surprise. This resulted one year in myself and friend both turning up as Thunderbirds. Which actually and fortunately worked out quite well as we were different Thunderbirds (Scott and was Virgil). The only thing not so great about Halloween is when it’s time to go the toilet. It doesn’t look great in the toilets when your out at a pub and there’s Darth Vader stood at the urinal with his jumpsuit round his ancles….espcially when he turns to you and says “I am your father”.


Hook – Best film ever!

By this I don’t mean I am a fan of radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza…although I do like how he replaced his hand with a hook. Although we may share the same passion for my favourite ever film, Hook. Hook released in 1991 starring Robin Williams was based on the story of Peter Pan and how he left Neverland and grew up into an adult forgetting all about his past adventures as Peter Pan. Years later Hook tracks down Peter Pan in the real world and steals his kids. Rather than the police dealing with it (as in most child abduction cases) Tinkerbell drags Peter Pan back off to Neverland for a battle with Hook to win back his kids. It’s bloody brilliant and I can never get tired of watching it, unless of course I watch it too much. As a kid the film made me feel like I didn’t want to ever grow up, but now I’m a grown up the film makes me want to be a kid again and go back to Neverland. This is pretty clever really because my parents would always say to me “just wait until you’re in the real world” so technically when you’re a kid, your living in Neverland!

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Goodness Gracious

Now then, now then, now then… the late Sir Jimmy Savile has been accused of abusing young girls during the late 1970’s.  Does this shellsuit clad, trainer-wearing, gold chain displaying, cigar-smoking, white-haired old man look like he might inappropriately touch youngsters?


Yes, when it’s described like the above, he actually really does. To this extent, it’s interesting to see that he avoided being outed as someone who touches children by cleverly disguising himself as someone who looks like he inappropriately touches children.

Indeed, the fact that a wizened elderly man used to arrange special treats for young children who he’d never met before should surely have been enough to arouse suspicion? If only we as a society did actually judge books by their cover, then we may not be in this situation.

I suppose ultimately Sir Jimmy could easily use the alibi that he only did what he was allegedly doing because the people in question wrote to him asking him to do it.  Due to Sir Jimmy dying last year, we will never know.

One thing is for certain, and is a consequence these rumours, is that Sir Jimmy will no longer be known for his charity work where he regularly ran marathons. Indeed, Savile was so old that he may well have run the first one from Marathon to Athens and it could turn out that Savile only ran 26 miles at a time because he was chasing after a young girl.

In any event, retrospectively, the fact that he had such stamina is unfortunate and it’s a little known fact about him that he used to be a wrestler – although obviously that’s no longer the most alarming thing about his past.

The allegations and cases of wrongdoing appear to be consistent and the steps undertaken by Savile have been systematic. One women told a news-reporter that she was taken into an office wherein Savile exposed himself with the words, ‘how’s about that then’ – the straight-faced manner of her traumatic anecdote and the warping of Savile’s public persona meant that the news report felt like an exert from The Day Today.

It’s an unusual juxtaposition that something so obvious has the fact that it’s too absurd to satirically poke fun at interwoven into its fabric.  I’m half expecting to see a news-story to say that Savile took a teenager into a room and placed a thick 7 inch object into their mouth, only for it to turn out to be one of his cigars.

The whole episode is incredibly saddening, not just the nature of what happened; but also the extent to which people appear to have ignored the warning signs – the smoke screens used to cover this up are so large that they might have come from one of his oversized cigars.

No-one wins from this sorry situation, absolutely no-one at all: Savile’s reputation (rightly or wrongly, and suspect it’s probably ‘rightly’) is in tatters; the girls who he purportedly abused have lived with this dark secret during their adult life… and the numerous fancy dress show owners now have loads of blonde wigs, shell suits, gold chains and cuban cigars that they can’t offload… I suppose it’s a good job Halloween is coming up…

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