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WOWS Podcast Ep.19 This Podcast Has Lots of Birds & Tits

Jimbo & Fisher discuss Bird Watch & Bird Feeding month featuring the brand new game “Tit or Swallow?”

Fisher hosts a challenging quiz of ASBO or ASNO.



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WOWS Podcast Ep.18 That Ringing in Your Ears For The Next 50 Minutes

Jimbo & Fisher discuss the Presidents Dinner, Boris Johnson, the Dooms Day Clock and bring you the up to date latest breaking transfer deadline day news.

Its Tea for Tinnitus week so Jimbo has badly prepared a cup of tea and a new and exclusive game of Tinnitus or Tetanus.

Tinnitus or Tetanus


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WOWS Podcast Ep.15 Some Stuff Happened in 2017

Jimbo & Fisher review the year 2017 in episode 15! Happy New Year to all of our listeners!


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WOWS Podcast Ep.13 Our Human Right To Podcast

Jimbo & Fisher discuss Human Rights on Human Rights Month, the Royal Wedding, Donald Trump and beard transplants.

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WOWS Podcast Ep.12 The On Sale Black Friday Episode

Jimbo & Fisher are back with Ep.12 of the WOWS Podcast and as its Black Friday this episode is on sale and will cost you nothing at all other than 35 minutes of your time (this is the same as usual so its quite accurately like a Black Friday bogus offer) but there will be cheap chat and bargain bucket jokes thrown in for nowt.

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This week myself (Jimbo) and Fisher have been tweeting about shops, here are a few things we had to say. All views are our own.

Thorntons – a chocolate shop until it melted during summer

Miss Selfridge – once duped someone into buying a fridge

Carphone Warehouse – sells phones shaped like cars

Comet – has a large tail of dust coming off the side of every store

Big Man Shop – sells clothes to fat men without having an awkward shop name to say that they sell clothes to fat men

WH Smiths: is a stationery shop so it has never moved once

Game – there’s no sign of any Pheasant or Venison in there

GAP – this shop sells________ at a reasonable price

Pets at Home – I took my dog there, he felt very much at home and chewed the furniture


PC World – they ensure that there is no sexism, racism or homophobia in their stores

GT News – a paper shop until it blew away in the wind

B&Q – if you’re rude towards people in there, you’re told to mind your B&Q’s

He Runs She Runs – straight out when they see the prices

Tesco – is Lord Sebastian Coe’s sister

Poundstretcher – worth pointing out you shouldn’t vandalise a pound coin as it has the queens face on it

Bank – ran into financially difficulty, so it received a huge bailout and is now 74% owned by the taxpayer

Marks & Spencer’s – this isn’t just any tweet this is an M&S tweet

House of Fraser: Niles Crane was said to be furious about the naming of this store

Early Learning Centre – never been able to buy anything from there as they only accept plastic coins

Poundland: would be screwed if we ever adopted the Euro

All Saints – a clothes shop that you can buy Mother Theresa, Santa Claus and Pope costumes from.

JD Sports – include pub golf and beer pong (but with Jack Daniels, obviously)

Boots – they sell pretty much everything apart from boots!?

Currys – started out by selling chicken tikka masala and naan breads

IKEA – if you want to go in this shop you have to assemble it first

Land of Leather – is the name of the island inhabited by David Dickinson and Judith Chalmers

For more Tweets like this follow @JimboStudios and @CFishTank for more Tweets Nowt On TV every Sunday night.

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This week Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher’s (@CFishTank) #TweetsNowtOnTV were all about history…but thats in the past now.

Jimbo – @JimboStudios

The invention of the TV – seems good but when you think about it, it actually exposes everyone to places like Essex

Henry VIII – had 6 wives, who shouldn’t have said to him “I’ve had it up to the neck with you”

Nazi Germany – ruled by the most hated man ever, no not Justin Bieber

BC – this means events that occurred before Jesus Christ like shutting your finger in a car door or stubbing your toe

Invention of the Wheel – this was a wheely good idea

Ancient Egypt – used to mummify the dead which preserved them, which might explain Bruce Forsyth

Christopher Columbus – sailed and discovered America, and everyone thinks the Costa Concordia captain was bad!

The French Revolution – was a bad day for the French, I think it’s when they realised they were actually French

Admiral Nelson – was a famous navy officer whose boat insurance was very cheap

Live Aid – a rock concert which helped raise money to fight poverty in Africa…and Bonos face lift

Battle of Waterloo – was when Abba were so popular that people were fighting over copies of their single in HMV

Stoneage – when hairy men communicated through grunting, this age reoccurs every Saturday night in Barnsley at 1am

Charles Darwin – came up worth the theory of evolution when he discovered Piers Morgan had evolved from a rat

Gunpowder Plot – was when a bloke called Guy tried to blow up Parliament, it didn’t work, he fawked it up

When Women Won the Vote – without this event there’s no way One Direction would have got that far in X-Factor

Florence Nightingale – before she was a a nurse she was a vet, she was glad when the dog days were over

Fisher (@CFishTank)

The Moon Landings: is when Neil Armstrong took one giant leap – that said, he was assisted by the zero gravity

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: David Hasslehoff was present, but unfortunately he wasn’t underneath it at the time

The Independence of America: was formally declared in 1996 by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum

9/11: equals 0.8181818

Election of George Bush: happened in 1988 – he was a bad president, the USA vowed never to make that mistake again

English Civil War: was one the politest wars ever – I think that’s what a civil war is

The Polish Uprising: this started in 1863 and was led by an army general named Mr Sheen

Lord Nelson: was a great UK military leader. During his tenure, the UK only had 1 army

The Bore War: involved the British Empire fighting against some wild pigs… and John Major

The Easter Rising: was when Jesus came back from the dead in Ireland in 1916

The Battle of Stanford Bridge: took place in 1066 before the Battle of Hastings – 3 Chelsea players were red carded

The assassination of JFK: happened when Lee Harvey Owsald shot an airport

The Cuban Missile Crisis: involved Fidel Castro and Che Guevara getting lost in a supermarket

The Monica Lewinsky Scandal: her affair with Bill Clinton was blown out of proportion – and so was he…

Six day war: was only meant to last 1 day – but Royal Mail delivered the letter declaring a ceasefire

The invention of sliced bread: this happened in 1928 – it was described as being the best thing ever

and a couple from a #TweetsNowtOnTV follower @AlistairHGVCC

Columbus: public transport in South America

Charles Darwin: has a theory of evolution which is questioned because of Wayne Rooney

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