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WOWS Podcast Ep4

The next instalment of the WOWS Podcast is here. In this episode Jimbo & Fisher discuss Justin Bieber, The Queen and potential merchandise for Waste of Web Space. Jimbo and Fisher also attempt to do a film section and then mark International Womens Day and Mothers Day…but not very well. Enjoy and please leave a comment if you would like a shout out in the next podcast.

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British Academy Film Awards… I’ll talk about TV another day…

There wasn’t a great deal of feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although it did get one ‘like’. There were a few comments about Shakespeare and moreover a few people made references to food which contains animals with one person making the suggestion that penguin biscuits might actually contain penguins. I told him that it didn’t contain penguins and to stop being such a joker (sorry, that batman reference was so bad that it belongs on the back of a penguin wrapper).

Someone also made the reference to Kit Kats containing actually cats – but I told him to shut up and stuck 2 fingers up at them.
Anyhow, it’s time move onto today’s ‘blog which is about the BAFTAs, or to give it its full title The British Academy Film and Television Awards. Tonight it’s the Film Awards half of the BAFTAs (so surely it’s the BAFAs tonight and not the BAFTAs?).
I’ll be watching with a slight interest as I’m keen on a few films. Apparently someone called Les Miserables is nominated for a load of awards and one nominees for the best film is called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – which I think is about a hotel that has high quality rubber gloves in the bedrooms.
There’s also a best film nomination for Life of Pi, which was 3.14 times better than most films released last year and it’s anticipated that the award for best picture will go to a snap of a woman with her knockers out.
I’ve pretty much finished my ‘blog for today, apologies for its shortness, but today is my birthday and I’ve been busy doing other things (mainly just checking Facebook every few minutes to see who has written on my wall).
I’ve been very pleased with the birthday messages, cards and presents I’ve received… the Chinese people seemed particularly keen to celebrate… there were fireworks, processions and pyrotechnics… anyone would have thought they were celebrating New Year…


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More #TweetsNowtOnTV are here, this time with Jimbo (@JimboStudios) & Fisher (@CFishTank) tweeting all about the world of fiction!

Jimbo – @JimboStudios

Marley & Me

Dumbledore – in the Harry Potter books he was 116 years old, he can now be found presenting Strictly Come Dancing

The Hobbit – I’ve started to read this book right before I go to bed. I’ve made a bit of a hobbit of it.

101 Dalmatians – I watched the sequel to this film, 102 Dalmations…it’s not a spot on the original

Hannibal Lector – I tried reading Silence Of The Lambs, but I just couldn’t get my teeth into it

Moby Dick – was a huge big white whale but that’s enough about Rick Waller

Twilight Series – I finally got round to reading these books about teenage vampires and to be honest..it sucks

Edward Scissorhands – I went for the lead role for a stage version of this. But I didn’t make the cut

Marley and Me – is a brilliant but sad film where Owen Wilson has to have his pet reggae singer put to sleep

Sex & The City – is how a wannabe Wag would describe the Manchester City Christmas party

Mr.Toad – from Wind in the Willows who drove his car too fast. When he breaks down he has to be “toad” away

Fisher – @CFishTank

Back To The Future – I watched that film tomorrow

That Disney Mouse – I met him once and he wasn’t very nice to me – he kept taking the Mickey…

Lord Voldemort – is referred to as ‘he who must not be named’ – I think he probably took out a superinjunction…

Peter Pan – I think he was Dutch – because apparently he lived in the Netherlands…

Sirius Black – because of his surname, John Terry hates him – that’s not a joke, I’m being Sirius…

Dr Dolittle – could talk to animals – I think that’s true, that’s what my dog told me anyway

Works of fiction – include things like Jeffery Acher’s books… and his defence in Court

R2D2 and C3PO – I think they were the inventors of ‘text speak’

Marty McFly – is a time traveller in the film Back to the Future – I watched that film tomorrow

James Bond – crashed his Aston Martin recently – the accident led to him being shaken, but not stirred

#TweetsNowtOnTV takes place on Sunday evenings on Twitter at 10.15. Follow us and join in. The last ever #TweetsNowtOnTV will take place on Sunday 21st October.

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Here is one of the first ever #TweetsNowtOnTV. Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) tweet all about films.

Avatar – a film about big blue Smurfs

 Brokeback Mountain – I missed most of this film but my mate filled me in on our last camping trip

Groundhog Day –
it’s not a bad film really, it’s not a bad film really

Gandhi – there was rumors of a sequel to this film, however there wasn’t enough hunger for it

The good the bad, the ugly – stars Mother Theresa, Osama Bin Laden and Wayne Rooney

The Exorcist – Can’t believe I agreed to watch this film, don’t know what possessed me

Avatar –
I think this is a film about big Smurfs

Muppets Christmas Carol – starred a Muppet in the lead role but that’s enough about Michael Caine

Rush Hour – I was stuck in massive queues to see this film

E.T – a film about a boy with an extra testicle… I think

Armageddon – I missed this film, still, not the end of the world

Anger Management – this film was so bad that I smashed up the DVD player
Wayne’s World – this film features Rio Ferdinand, Coleen and lots of old ladies

How to Lose a Guy in 10 days – that’s easy, just make him watch this film

Titanic – was so sad at the ending of this film, it still hasn’t sunk in

Harry Potter – I think this film is about a bloke who is good at ceramics

Armageddon – gutted I didn’t see this film in the cinema, still, it’s not the end of the world

 The Man With the Golden Gun – had to send it to Cash For Gold as he had fallen on hard times

The Kindergarten Cop – featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as a teacher… until he went on strike

The English Patient – unfortunately they caught MRSA

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