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Marching on snowy ground…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received one ‘like’ – which was a bit surprising as:


a) I was under the influence of alcohol when writing it;


b) It was incorrect as the beer duty decrease takes effect on Sunday; and


c) It barely contained any words


…indeed perhaps it’s the fact that I didn’t mention anything that made it so popular? 


Anyhow, that’s all for today’s ‘blog. 


I’ll be back tomorrow…




Have the ‘likes’ appeared yet?


No? Well I might as well carry on then…


I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get any correspondence from fans of Jim Davidson after my remark about him in yesterday’s ‘blog – but then I remembered that he doesn’t have any fans. 


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog… which is about the weather (again). 


I was lining up a bit of a streamlined ‘blog again this evening as I was due to watch a German comedian in Manchester (should the phrase ‘German comedian’ not be too much of a contradiction), but his gig was cancelled due to the poor weather – unless it wasn’t actually cancelled and the whole ‘cancellation’ thing it was just another really bad German joke?


The comedian in question, the highly amusing Henning When (a man whose name gets changed to ‘Henning When’ by the predictive text on my Blackberry), was instead stuck in Belfast airport where he’d been gigging last night (I presume that’s the case, the reason given for cancellation was that there were no fights in and out of Belfast airport – so it’d be a bit of a poor excuse if his gig last night was in Wigan). 


The weather also had dire consequences for many other people, with roads being iced over, schools being closed and businesses having to shut for the day. There was also bad luck for any football fans – the England vs San Marino game went ahead as planned…


The game was pretty one-sided though and it really was a case of watching an absolute bunch of useless rank amateurs… playing against San Marino…


The game was in fact that easy for England that they could have played with 10 men – or if you like; they could have picked Emile Heskey…


Anyhow, whilst the weather may be worse than the idea of going for sushi with a member of the KBG… all is not lost for me as the German comedian Henning Wehn will be doing a replacement gig in Manchester… typical German… insisting on having a sequel after the first attempt messes up…



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#TweetsNowtOnTV continues with Jimbo and Fisher tweeting all about games!


Operation – I wanted this game but I’m still on the waiting list

Hide & Seek – this is a boring game if you play with Lord Lucan

Pass the Parcel – I was sacked from my old job for playing this during work. Its ok..I hated that Royal Mail job anyway

Scrabble – I once got chlamydia playing this game with my girlfriend. It was worth quite a few points

Cluedo – my cluedo board has been snapped in half,  it was my nan in the dinning room with a knife

Monopoly – when I last played this I started to build hotels but the recession hit so I had to leave them half finished

Operation – I have wanted this game for ages but I’m still on the bloody waiting list

Tetris – I struggle to fit this into my games cupboard with my other games, it’s an awkward shape box

What time is it Mr.Wolf – dont ever play this game with Chico from X-Factor. Annoying as hell

Dead Fishes – this is a great game but I always lose to the dead fish


Jenga – The Berlin Wall edition features David Hasselhoff

Battleships – I lost at this and became disappointed – I got a real sinking feeling

French Cricket – is like normal cricket, but one of the teams surrenders quite early in the match

Jenga – I’ve got a special Berlin Wall edition of this – whenever it falls, David Hasslehoff turns up and sings

Leapfrog – is a game where you jump over a Frenchman

Pin the tail on the donkey – to play this, you should start by printing off a big picture of Emile Heskey

Piggy in the middle – is what you’d call it if Vanessa Feltz was a guest host on Have I Got News For You

Dominoes – involves lying down takeaway pizza boxes end-to-end

Bingo – I once saw a man carrying a trash can into the bingo hall, it turns out he actually said, “where’s the bin go?”

Chess – I often play this with a friend from Prague – he’s my Czech mate.

And a few from some #TweetsNowtOnTV followers

@rob_steer Stevie Wonder struggled abit at scrabble as he could never get an I.

@jo_miller70  Swingball – is the choice of games for hypnotists

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