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WOWS Podcast Ep.58 Nobody Should Be Going to Scarborough Fair

Jimbo & Fisher continue to social distance.

Jimbo hosts an Easter celebrity egg quiz and Fisher tests Jimbo on his knowledge of old websites and technology that are now a little redundant.


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WOWS Podcast Ep.22 We Didn’t Tamper With Our Balls During the Recording of This Podcast…Or Did We?

Fisher & Jimbo would like to confirm that they did not tamper with their balls during the recording of this podcast and they didn’t drink and podcast either…..well not too much anyway.

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WOWS Podcast Ep5

Here is Ep5 of the WOWS Podcast and this time Jimbo and Fisher are having to rely on pretty poor advertisements for funding. Up for discussion is the UK budget and Jimbo and Fisher also play a cracking Easter Egg game. Enjoy! Please leave a comment for a future shout out in an upcoming podcast.

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Something or other…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, there were no ‘likes’ – which made the ‘blog about as popular as Stringfellow’s lapdancing club on an evening when all the dancers have gone on strike and the owner has had to step in to perform the duties…


Fortunately there isn’t a dislike button on WordPress, which means that I didn’t get much in the way of abuse from Christians (by that, I mean the followers of Christianity, not just general people who are called Christian). I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get any correspondence from fans of the apostles Peter and Paul after I criticised their ability to cater yesterday – I’m also advised that Peter was a thief and Paul wore a wig, hence them being known as “Robbin’ Peter, toupée Paul”…  


Anyhow, it’s time to move onto today’s ‘blog which is on the subject of whatever’s happening in the news, although unfortunately not much has happened today and there’s more action in an episode of The Archers. 


I’m not sure why nothing has happened, although I don’t even know what day it is today, other than I know that it’s the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday – I know it’s a Saturday, but I’m not sure if there’s a special name for it. 


To add even more confusion to things, we’re also about to put the clocks back an hour tonight, or forward – I’m not sure which. In any event, putting them forward isn’t really very special given that they go forward anyway. 


Hang on. 


It turns out that they are going forward…


That means that we’ve got a shorter weekend than normal… oh, no… actually… there’s two bank holidays sandwiched on either side of the weekend… so that means that by reducing an hour, we gain two extra days… and I’d highly recommend that you spend one of them listening to the WasteOfWebSpace podcast episode 5 which we recorded today…


The podcast contains reference to The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne eating badger… like all good podcasts do surely… what a rubbish day for news…


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I hope you’ve had a Good Friday…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, albeit that was hardly surprising given that the ‘blog was shorter than one of Katie Price’s skirts. 


There wasn’t much in the way of feedback of the previous day’s ‘blog either and it was noticeable that both ‘blogs contained jokes about England being bad at football – perhaps this is some kind of subconscious thing? Or perhaps it’s just the case that England are woeful at football?


Anyhow, I was struggling to find something to comment on today when I saw a news article about there being an online dating website (what other type of website could there be, an ‘offline website’?) which specifically offered dating opportunities for people who carried sexually transmitted diseases – which sounds like a positive thing…


However, I then thought I’d try and write a few things about Easter, even though I know very little about it – I’m kind of hoping that my ability to write about something in spite of my total ignorance will land me a job working for The Daily Mail…


Easter is in celebration of our saviour Jesus Christ dying and then being resurrected – and we celebrate this via a changing date every year, although we celebrate his birthday at Christmas on a fixed date every year. That doesn’t make any sense though does it? Anyone would have thought the whole thing was a load of b*llcks, but fortunately I’m not very sceptical and inquisitive…


Jesus celebrated his life prior to his death with his apostles at the last supper, Paul and Peter were in charge of catering and totally forgot to order any food – fortunately though Jesus managed to find 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread and everything was sorted…   


There’s a lot of celebrating in unusual and commercialised methods. These include making an Easter bonnet – which is good, although having half a car strapped to your head can be a bit cumbersome and difficult at times.


There’s also a number of historical moments which happened at Easter, such as the 1998 Good Friday Agreement where Tony Blair for the first time allowed the people of Northern Ireland to choose their own Easter eggs (or something like that) and the Easter Rising in Dublin in 1916 (which I think happened shortly after the invention of yeast, which is an infectious kind of baking product – sorry, I’m back talking about STI’s again…). 


Actually, that’s a load of rubbish, yeast has been around for thousands years and was partly responsible for Jesus rising – hence this festival originally being called ‘Yeaster’ for many years until the first letter was dropped around the turn of the 12th century – I have no idea Y that happened…


(I’ll be honest, I might have made up that last paragraph). 


The main part of Easter is obviously the religious connotations and it’s a chance for many practising Christians to head to remember the sacrifice made by Jesus… my local church was due to be holding a big service this Easter, but unfortunately it was burgled last night… the burglars took almost everything… if it wasn’t nailed down, it was stolen… so Jesus was okay…


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The Egg Quiz

Here is a snippet of Jimbo’s Sunday Roast on Penistone FM. Jimbo has an easter based quiz for fellow Penistone FM presenter Ian France. It is pretty much an impossible to win quiz!

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Jimbo (@JimboStudios) and Fisher (@CFishTank) are here with an Easter special of #TweetsNowtOnTV with #EasterTweetsNowtOnTV , Enjoy!

Easter Egg Hunt – played at Easter when you have to find Easter eggs. It’s easy I found mine at Tesco

Buttons Egg – an Easter Egg with chocolate buttons inside, I couldn’t open mine it took me ages, I’ve cracked it now

Easter Bonnet – is what you would wear on your head. Bloody heavy wearing the front a car on your head.

Maundy Thursday – the last Supper when Jesus gave his followers bread and wine, he could have just retweeted them

Lambs – often associated with Easter, not sure what George and his dad Larry have to do with Easter to be honest

Judas – betrayed Jesus and was very unpopular for it, he has a Lady Gaga song named after him though so every cloud

Henry VIII – was the first person to ever receive an Easter Egg, he received the next 100 as well with the look of it

Easter Chicks – a pull out poster in the Easter edition of Playboy magazine

The Three Mary’s – visited Jesus Tomb after his death. As if he wasn’t confused enough

Passover – Man Citys long ball tactics

Shrove Tuesday – known as pancake day, I got a pancake stuck to the to the ceiling this year, my girlfriend flipped

Easter Egg Hunt – is rhyming slang for how you’d describe Piers Morgan

Crown of Thorns – caused a terrible headache and irritation – I think it was the inspiration for The Only Way is Essex

Jesus’ resurrection – I don’t know what a resurrection is – but I’m guessing it’s better than a normal erection

The Crucifix – Jesus needed this to happen like he needed a hole in the head… and hand… and foot…

Lent – you give something up until Easter – I stopped letting people borrow things this year for lent…

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