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Up, Up and… put back in prison…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received one ‘like’ – which made it about as popular as Rowan Atkinson’s sketch where he portrayed the Archbishop of Canterbury. Apparently his short skit drew complaints from 2,200 people. 


What an ars*hole. 


What was he trying to achieve by doing this offensive sketch?


Eh? It was for Comic Relief, a charity that this year raised over £75m for good causes. 


Nonetheless… he should still be ashamed of himself, for every person who complained Comic Relief only raised over £34,000. 


I wonder how the millions of people whose lives have been positively effected by Comic Relief would feel about 2,200 people complaining to Comic Relief about a comedian making a joke? 


Yeah that’s right… they probably couldn’t care less… 


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which isn’t even anything to do with Comic Relief, instead it’s to do with prisons – which hopefully is where Rowan Atkinson won’t end up, although I suppose you never know (apparently he was recently caught speeding in his yellow mini and asked his teddy bear to take his 3 points). 


Today’s ‘blog instead centres around 2 Canadian prisoners who successfully escaped prison and were then recaptured (so their escape wasn’t that successful) when a helicopter lowered itself down and the two escapees climbed up a rope ladder to their temporary haven.


As I said… the prisoners were recaptured… and the prison in question is apparently well known for problems with over-crowding thanks to the short-stay prisoners who inhabit it… that’s what the news reporter said anyway… shortly before he jumper over the prison fence in his hovercraft…



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Not saving pennies…

There wasn’t a great deal of feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although I was surprised to see that Peter Odemwingie got confused and turned up at my house last night. He was there in his replica WasteOfWebSpace t-shirt and said that he was keen to become the third member of WasteOfWebSpace – unfortunately he failed a medical when it transpired that he was able to run 5,000 metres without being bent double and requiring oxygen afterwards…

One problem that Odemwingie probably won’t face is the issue of Canada removing their 1 cent coin from circulation as of Monday. That said, why would it, he doesn’t live in Canada.

However, I find it unlikely that a football player would be bothered if Britain decided to remove the 1 pence coin from circulation – save for the fact that it would mean that heavier coins would be being thrown at them during football games.

I don’t know a great deal about Canada, other than it constitutes 100% of the countries in North America that aren’t the United States (and obviously that they now have no 1 cent coin).

Apparently any 1 cent coins in circulation will now be fake, and it’s believed that they will be issued to burglars in Canada as a way of identifying robbers – anyone who steals without being in possession of one of the fake 1 cent coins will be charged with the crime of taking without con-cent…

I’m not sure whether we will remove the penny from UK circulation, but it would take a fair amount of effort given that there’s currently 11.3billion of them in circulation – I can only begin to imagine what the monetary value of that is…

To put this number into context, that’s more than a penny for every person in the world and it’s the same as the extent to which I personally detest Piers Morgan on a scale of 1 to 10. Also, I can’t but help think that the whole situation could be eradicated by creating a 99p coin.

Canada isn’t the only country to remove low value coins from circulation, as New Zealand has also done it (if you’re unaware, New Zealand is a country near Australia which has 2 islands – I think they’re called ‘New’ and ‘Zealand’).

In New Zealand (if you’re unaware, New Zealand is a country near Australia and very similar to Australia – although its people are cultured), they don’t circulate 1, 2 and 5 cent coins and instead their shops give people who are owed a small amount of change some chocolate or a sweet… it’s hard to know whether we’ll adopt a similar thing in the UK and give people a piece of confectionery instead of giving them money… it’s a decision for the Royal Mint…

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