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WOWS Useful Bit Of Spanish (Numero Tres)

Mi traje de baño ha volado del balcón – My swimwear has blown off the balcony


Thanks again to Georgina Lax of georginalaxblog.wordpress.com for the translation


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WOWS Word Of The Week Ep4 – Caravan

This weeks WOWS Word Of The Week is brought to you from the seaside town Bridlington!


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WOWS Word Of The Week Ep3 – Cone

Jimbo is back with another WOWS Word of the Week. This week its “Cone”. Well there was over 299,998 words to choose from. Have to start somewhere!

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WOWS Word of the Week Ep1 – Reality

The first of a new feature…The WOWS Word Of The Week. Jimbo will be attempting to define as many words in the English Language as possible, it should only take around 6,000 years to define every word. The first word is “Reality”. Please feel free to request a word, there’s roughly 299,999 different words to ask for.


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WOWS Podcast Ep3

The WOWS Podcast episode 3 is here and Jimbo and Fisher are so proud that they are thinking of doing a best bits episode. Jimbo & Fisher deal with listener complaints about the lack of drama and chart features. They also discuss Oscar Pistorius, a near miss Asteroid and the Pope. Enjoy and please leave your comments if you’d like a mention in the next podcast.

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WOWS News Round Up 6th February 2013

MP’s vote in favour of gay marriage

This has been a big story in the news this week as lots of people have differing opinions on the issues. It has been hailed as a landmark moment though in terms of equality. As covered in the recent WOWS blog post “You’re Gay, Right” gay people were already entitled to marry in what was known as a civil ceremony. Now though it seems that the gay community will now be able to marry legally in a church should the church allow them to. The big news to come from this however that was over half of the Torie MP’s voted against gay marriage, how unexpected, we have always thought the Torie party was a fair, honest, equality driven party.

Lib Dem Chris Huhne pleads guilty to perverting the court of justice

Another politician causing controversy now as Lid Dem Chris Huhne admitted he had pleaded with his ex-wife to take his 3 points for speeding. What a pleb – is how another politician might have described in. It’s good news that the truth came out and he finally admitted guilt however it’s not great news for Aston Villa Football Club who made a list ditch attempt to get Chris Huhne’s 3 points and they were all set to claim them but at the last-minute Aston Villa’s defence team slipped up and they lost out on the 3 points.

Ashley Cole gets his 100th England Cap

Ashley Cole picked up his 100th international cap in England’s friendly game against Brazil. Ashley apparently likes to wear his caps side ways while shooting academy players with an air gun.

Human remains found under a car park in Leicester is King Richard III

Scientists have confirmed that the skeleton is that of King Richard III. It must have been the classic male mistake of coming out of the supermarket and not remembering where you had parked the car for King Richard sadly Richard must have been looking for it for so long that he starved. It apparently cost thousands of pounds worth of research to work out whether this skeleton dating back to as early as 1455 was that of the king. Why didn’t they just ask Bruce Forsyth who was surely in his 40’s around that time?

If you like this then please check out the latest WOWS Podcast!

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WOWS Podcast Ep2

Here is the WOWS Podcast Episode 2. Jimbo & Fisher have plenty to ramble on about including a potential theme tune, Les Mis, High Speed Rail and Transfer Deadline Day! Enjoy and please leave a comment if you would like a shout out in the next podcast!


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