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Goodness Gracious

Now then, now then, now then… the late Sir Jimmy Savile has been accused of abusing young girls during the late 1970’s.  Does this shellsuit clad, trainer-wearing, gold chain displaying, cigar-smoking, white-haired old man look like he might inappropriately touch youngsters?


Yes, when it’s described like the above, he actually really does. To this extent, it’s interesting to see that he avoided being outed as someone who touches children by cleverly disguising himself as someone who looks like he inappropriately touches children.

Indeed, the fact that a wizened elderly man used to arrange special treats for young children who he’d never met before should surely have been enough to arouse suspicion? If only we as a society did actually judge books by their cover, then we may not be in this situation.

I suppose ultimately Sir Jimmy could easily use the alibi that he only did what he was allegedly doing because the people in question wrote to him asking him to do it.  Due to Sir Jimmy dying last year, we will never know.

One thing is for certain, and is a consequence these rumours, is that Sir Jimmy will no longer be known for his charity work where he regularly ran marathons. Indeed, Savile was so old that he may well have run the first one from Marathon to Athens and it could turn out that Savile only ran 26 miles at a time because he was chasing after a young girl.

In any event, retrospectively, the fact that he had such stamina is unfortunate and it’s a little known fact about him that he used to be a wrestler – although obviously that’s no longer the most alarming thing about his past.

The allegations and cases of wrongdoing appear to be consistent and the steps undertaken by Savile have been systematic. One women told a news-reporter that she was taken into an office wherein Savile exposed himself with the words, ‘how’s about that then’ – the straight-faced manner of her traumatic anecdote and the warping of Savile’s public persona meant that the news report felt like an exert from The Day Today.

It’s an unusual juxtaposition that something so obvious has the fact that it’s too absurd to satirically poke fun at interwoven into its fabric.  I’m half expecting to see a news-story to say that Savile took a teenager into a room and placed a thick 7 inch object into their mouth, only for it to turn out to be one of his cigars.

The whole episode is incredibly saddening, not just the nature of what happened; but also the extent to which people appear to have ignored the warning signs – the smoke screens used to cover this up are so large that they might have come from one of his oversized cigars.

No-one wins from this sorry situation, absolutely no-one at all: Savile’s reputation (rightly or wrongly, and suspect it’s probably ‘rightly’) is in tatters; the girls who he purportedly abused have lived with this dark secret during their adult life… and the numerous fancy dress show owners now have loads of blonde wigs, shell suits, gold chains and cuban cigars that they can’t offload… I suppose it’s a good job Halloween is coming up…

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Jimbo and Fisher originally started #TweetsNowtsOnTV on Sunday nights because there was nothing on tele..other than The Only Way is Essex (which arguably doesnt count as television). So Jimbo and Fisher in this edition tweet all about other television programmes with #TVTweetsNowtOnTV

Last of the Summer Wine – Has finished now because Frankie Cocozza drank it all

Blue Peter – a bloke called Peter who stands and tells rude jokes to children

Jeremy Kyle – Is the rubbish bit of television when you go to the toilet, in between the adverts

Antiques Roadshow – a show about antique motorway signs and concrete

Two & a half men – about two men and a pair of legs complete with cock & balls

Art Attack – is what can happen if you sniff to much glue and paint

This Morning – is presented by a right pair of tits…and Phillip Schofield

How To Look Good Naked – don’t be naked

The Murdoch Mysteries – I think this TV programme is something to do with phone hacking

The Royal Family – about a family and a miserable old man, sorry Prince Phillip

Last of the Summer Wine – has finished now because Frankie Cocozza drank it

Friends – has finished now, its John Terry’s fault for sleeping with Wayne Bridges bird

Homes under the hammer – a programme where youths are freely let loose to vandalize people’s homes

Airport – wanted to do another series but it never took off

Eggheads – this show sometimes makes me boil, but sometimes cracks me up, it’s scrambled in some countries

Home & Away – is what Ryan Giggs plays

The Bill – Has been cancelled when two production companies couldn’t decide who would pay for it

Neighbors – are really irritating Australians….I wish they had never moved in

Heartbeat – was a hit at one time but has now been cancelled, it’s ratings flat lined

Dickinson’s Real Deal – a show where David Dickinson auctions off his spare bottles of fake tan

The National Lottery – a biggest load of balls ever

Soap opera about Twitter – this has been pitched to the BBC – if it does get made, it will contain 140 characters

The Bill – this was cancelled recently after the 2 production companies couldn’t agree on who would pay for it

Pineapple Dance Studios – this programme isn’t about a pineapple, it’s about Louis Spence – so it’s still about a fruit

999 – they wanted to make a German version of this – but when it was put forward, TV executives said “no, no, no”

Flog it – this used to be good, but nowadays it’s a bit of a dead horse

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