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This Is What I Like (Part 1) By Jimbo

Few things I like/enjoy/laugh at/dance to/sing to (part 1)

The goal that got me hooked on football


Ever since I was about 11/12 I have been hooked. I owe it to World Cup 1998 and the excitement of watching an 18-year-old Michael Owen turn the Argentinian defence inside out and smack one in the top corner from a pretty tight angle. I remember think “wow, he is just 7 years older than me, I could be like that”….sadly I never got to play for England (mainly due to injuries) but did play Sunday league and 5 aside. I’m currently playing for Ecclesfield Red Rose with some mates and we are in our second season together, we aren’t all that good but we enjoy it…most of the time.

I’m also a very keen follower of Sheffield Wednesday and was a season ticket holder until I was 18 when I was chosen to represent them on the pitch most Saturdays…unfortunatly not as a player but it is a very interesting job role all the same. But that’s all I will say about that. (Forrest Gump impression there)


Got to love a bit of Rolf

If you’re a radio presenter you have got to like your music. Simple! I have always had quite a varied taste. My first love was probably Rolf Harris (remember we are still talking music here we aren’t onto romance yet). Not sure why Rolf tickled my fancy (again..still music) but I think it has something to do with my gran who gave me Rolf Harris cassette (google “cassette” if you were born after the mid 90’s). Rolf Harris’ biggest hit was “Tie My Kangaroo Down” which to be honest sounds a bit cruel from someone who presented a TV show called “Animal Hospital”.

After Rolf and in my early teenage youth I began listening to Emimen (because the lyrics were full of swear words and I could get away with it) A few years later and by the time I was leaving school and progressing to college I began enjoying Indie/Rock music such as the Killers, Keane, Franz Ferdinand, Hard Fi, Libertines and the Kaiser Chiefs. I then realised how lucky I was to be a Sheffielder when the Arctic Monkeys took the UK by storm and not to mention the other local bands such as Milburn, Reverend and the Makers and Little Man Tate. Sheffield was the place to be and I loved it, bouncing, moshing, crowd surfing the lot! The Arctic Monkeys were a particular interest of mine as most of them came from the same village as me “High Green”. From that moment I (my friend) knew I (my friend) wanted to be a rockstar so I (my friend) persuaded myself (my friend forced me) to buy a bass guitar so that we could start our own band. I can’t play bass guitar, I am quite a small person and the bass guitar is quite a big instrument. I never learned to play it and we never started a band. My bass guitar is sat in my dads spare bedroom doing absolutely nothing BUT I do use the amp it came with quite often when I have parties because my instrument of choice  is my iPod which nicely plugs into it.  If I shuffle my iPod the first 3 songs are; 1. George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You 2. The Vaccines – If you wanna 3. Kayne West feat Chris Martin – Homecoming. So as you can see, quite a varied taste.



I love comedy. Not so much stand up comedy but more the sitcom comedy. Alan Partridge, The Office UK and American, Peter Kays Pheonix Nights, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps (until Johnny was killed), Mighty Boosh, Coupling and loads more. As a radio presenter you have to love Alan Partridge but also worry slightly that you might be a little bit like him! I also like anyone who may not be a comedian by description but just is naturally or unintentionally funny which is the category a lot of radio/tv presenters fall into and like to think I do too! It’s the genius behind the comedy that impresses me the most. Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant are without doubt geniuses (or genieye if that’s the plural for it?) The thought gone into The Office is just amazing, from every single storyline, plot to every line and expression it is just very well thought out. I won’t go into too much, I’m suppose to be telling you what I like and not boring you with why I like it. I suppose I just like it if I’m laughing…but that doesnt include being tickled, I actually hate being tickled.


I like food. I have to really because it keeps me alive. I can’t cook but I’m very good at being cooked for. When I go out for food I am one of those who eats the house burger everywhere I go. The reason for this is not that I am boring, but you cannot truly compare a restaurant/pub unless you have the exact same thing everywhere you go. Soon I will be a connoisseur of burger and chips. After I have been to every pub restaurant in the World then I might move onto hunters chicken or fajita’s.

This is just part 1 of things I like so I am now going to go away and think of some more things I like, or if I’m really struggling I will think of things I hate. Such as Piers Morgan.

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The Jungle Penguins

You’ve heard of the Arctic Monkeys right? Well what about the Jungle Penguins?

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Milburn – Last Bus

This un-official Milburn music video was created by Debbie Reilly and Mark Fielding with some help from Jimbo. Debbie & Mark were studying Media at Thomas Rotherham college and had to create a music video for their course work. Milburn are rose to fame around the same time as the Arctic Monkeys. They have since stopped playing music together but were a brilliant band which is why Debbie and Mark chose a Milburn track for their music video. Here is the result!

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Jimbo (@JimboStudios) & Fisher (@CFishTank) are back and this time #TweetsNowtOnTV tackles the world of the world wide web with #WebTweetsNowtOnTV. So get connected and enjoy!

Google – I did a google search for this search engine

Google – I used this search engine the other day to find the Google search engine

Broadband – a term used to describe the Arctic Monkeys accent

Bandwidth – is something to do with data, not how much Beth Ditto adds to the width of her band The Gossip

Parental Controls – I set these on family computer to stop my parents from looking at porn

Internet Explorer – is how Christopher Columbus really found America and imported tobacco

Firefox – is a website for recently made redundant foxes

Wikipedia – no idea what this is, I’ll just look it up on Wikipedia

Comparison Websites – I used a website to compare which one of these was better

Moonpig.com – was gutted when this website put its prices up, but since finding funky pigeon, I’m over the moon

Yahoo – is what an excited American would say

Chat Rooms – is where you can log on to talk about rooms with other people interested in rooms

Dating Websites – I once dated someone online, it didn’t last long, we lost the connection

Instant Messenger – deliver messages instantly, unlike the Royal Mail, who just lose them

4G – Is the text abbreviation for if you were asking for group sex

Amazon – is a website you can buy rainforests from

URL – a really unlucky guy who keeps getting bad Karma and has a show on Channel 4 his name is URL

Hotmail – a popular website amongst straight females and gay men

Spam – I keep getting people emailing me this

Internet Shopping – I was doing this the other day and a window came up asking I needed help, i said I was just browsing

Favorites – is secret section on my parents computer where details of who the favorite child is stored

WAP – is the violent impact which occurs when Batman and Robin can’t get there mobile phone Internet working

Spotify –is what Harry Potter says when he wants to give an enemy really back acne

Google Earth – that’s a bloody impressive sponsorship deal that Google have got there

LastMinute .com – thinking for a name of this website was completed very late in the day

Spam – I get this via email – I currently have someone persistently trying to sell me some tinned meat

The worldwide web – was created by an over-active spider

Hotmail – is the result of the postman setting fire to your post – that’s presuming they haven’t lost it first

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