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WOWS Podcast Ep.16 Lets Not Drink Beer For A Month But Then Drink Loads In February

Jimbo & Fisher are back with the first WOWS Podcast of 2018 and this time its a none alcoholic episode for Dry January.

Jimbo presents us with the Celebrity Teetotaliser and all we really learn is that none alcoholic lager is vile.


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Mine’s a Pint… of Water, it’s January…

It’s January, therefore quite a few people are detoxing their bodies of alcohol and doing the ‘no drinking in January’ tradition that seems ever popular – or should that be ‘no drinking in January, but launch as much alcohol down your throat as possible during the rest of the year’?

The above ‘no drinking in January’ is the idea of the organisation Alcohol Concern. This contrasts to the view of the British Liver Trust (BLT) who recommend that you should abstain from drinking on 2 or 3 days a week – instead, the BLT recommend that you eat sandwiches on those nights…

When I was filling in a medical form the other week, I was asked the question of how many alcohol units I’d had to drink that week. I wasn’t too sure what to put, so I put 21 units, which I think is the recommended maximum weekly amount of alcohol units and relates to around 8 pints of beer – I was also grateful that I was asked to fill the form in on Tuesday morning…

Detoxing your body of alcohol does have some rigour behind it – after Christmas I detox my body of turkey for the entire of January… February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November; but unfortunately not December.

In order to raise awareness of liver disease, the BLT are launching a ‘Love your Liver’ campaign – presumably a joint campaign with the British Butchers Association. To be fair, the BLT’s work at raising liver disease awareness is remarkable and their Chief Executive, Mr Patrick O’Sis, was recently knighted for his work at raising awareness in respect of liver diseases – so he’s now called Sir O’Sis…

Many people have ruined their livers (with the exception of George Best who ruined his own and someone else’s – what a waste) and the statistics on liver damage are shocking: a 20% increase in serious liver illnesses in the past decade shocked me so much that I almost spilled a bit of my pint when I found out…

The increased activity in terms of liver disease awareness is currently occurring at a time where there’s a want to introduce a minimum price for a unit of alcohol (45 pence per unit) in order to prevent supermarkets selling alcohol at a price cheaper than a copy of Noel Edmonds’ autobiography in the remainder bin.

One woman I saw on the news said that the plans will ‘harm the social drinker who likes a bottle of fine wine every night’ – although if the ‘social drinker’ in question is affected, then that means their bottle of ‘fine wine’ is costing about four pounds – so she should really stop wineing about it…

I suppose the theory is that if people don’t drink excessively at home, then they won’t be hungover at work; consequently their productivity will increase and as a result it will be good for the economy.

That said… if people can no longer afford to buy alcohol, then surely the economy of Scotland will be ruined…

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Crack open a bottle of beer/wine or grab yourself a soft drink whilst sipping this edition of #TweetsNowtOnTV which is all about Drinks. What’s your tipple? It’s  Jimbo (@JimboStudios)  and Fishers (@CFishTank) round with #DrinkTweetsNowtOnTV, enjoy it but don’t have too much!

Pepsi Max – inspired a rollercoaster. I have been on it, there were no ups, downs or bends. It was a bit flat.

Diet Coke – is what Pete Doherty has when he is on a diet

Spring Water – I once dropped a bottle of this and it bounced away from me

Pepsi Max – inspired a roller coaster. I went on it but it was rubbish there were no dips or bends, it had gone flat

NescafĂ© – is a cafe Scotland by the banks of Lochness

Milkshake – I’ve stopped making milkshake as it keeps bringing boys to my yard, apparently its better than yours

XXXX – My girlfriend sends me this every birthday in Christmas in a card

Tango – this drink is also an excellent dancer, unlike Paul Gascoigne…who is an excellent drinker.

Yorkshire Tea – I pity t’fools who t’drink this

Southern Comfort – a sofa shop in Devon

Milk – I hate how some cows are treated during milking, I think it’s an udder disgrace

Peach Schnapps – photographs of Peaches Geldof

Woo Woo – sorry I just got excited about this tweet

Iced Tea – is what happened when Mr T got locked in a fridge freezer

Wine – my friend is jealous my home made wine is better than his, I think it’s just sour grapes

My friends are jealous of my home made wine. I think its just sour grapes.

7 Up – is what most teams will be against Cardiff if they finally get promoted to the Premiership

Carlsberg – I’ve asked them to write this tweet for me as it will probably be the best tweet in the world

Panda Pops – are hard to find nowadays, this brand is almost extinct

Breast milk – I drank some of this for a bet recently – I felt a right tit while I was doing it

Blackcurrant – one of these is sleeping with a redcurrant’s wife – that’s some current affairs news for you…

Cranberry juice – is good at healing urinary infections. That’s actually true – I’m not taking the piss

Carling – I once thought I drank this, it was yellowish and quite warm – fortunately it turned out to be urine

French white wine – I’m trying to think of the name of some of these – but I’m currently drawing a blanc

Champagne – is what you call it when someone fakes an injury – it’s popular with Premiership football players

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