Jimbo Wilmshurst

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to create multi-media. I was obsessed with video creation from an early age and used Microsoft PowerPoint to edit video sequences together when I was around 12/13 years old before I discovered video editors.

While at Thomas Rotherham College between 2004-2006 I created a website called “Jimbo Studios”. Here I would post parody songs, videos and other “in joke” type material that would involve my college friends. As part of this my friend from school, Fisher would also get involved and help create things.

After the summer of 2006 my college friends and I had all gone our separate ways into university or work. I went to study TV and Media production at the University Campus Barnsley where I continued to produce my own parody songs and comedy video materials alongside my studies. I kept in touch Fisher who started to produce a short weekly video from his halls of residence at Loughborough University, “The Fish Tank” which I would then post and share from the Jimbo Studios website. When Fisher was back in Sheffield during his study leave we would film special episodes of the Fish Tank with him, often in ridiculous places including; my bath tub (full clothed and only Fisher was in it), on top of a replica tank, in a bird cage, Cleethorpes sea-front and many more strange locations. Over a period of 5 years he had filmed 80 episodes. An amazing achievement, but that’s enough about him, this is my about page.

I’d seriously claim that I was an original “YouTuber” before it really got popular. To be fair I was probably making it unpopular and people only started getting famous from it once I got too busy to make anything. But I did have some popular videos including a video report called “Earthquake in Sheffield” which was actually a small earth tremor felt in the South Yorkshire area but my video was featured on ITV regional news. I also have a video on YouTube that has surpassed 320k views called “funny phone call” which features my friend on holiday calling his dad and recorded a video of myself pretending to be his dad at the other end of the line warping the conversation into a funny conversation that didn’t happen. To be honest I think the reason this has so many views is that it was uploaded in 2006 and their wern’t as many videos called “funny phone call” back then.

As the years passed by and I moved into full time work finding the time to produce new material was difficult. I also began volunteering as a radio presenter at Penistone FM which became my new thing that filled my creativity needs. I did create a video series called Jimbo’s Advent Calendar which involved creating a short video about a different Christmas item every day of December until Christmas which was a challenge but was received very well and for some reason I ended up with a lot of viewers in Leicester (I still don’t know why).

One successful bit of material I produced over a quieter spell was a series of England World Cup/Euros football songs and music videos called “I Met Football Before I Met You” which saw me featured in some of the local media including BBC Radio Sheffield, the Sheffield Star and a Barnsley newspaper which I now refuse to mention because they since sold out their front pages to UKIP and Brexit Party advertisements over the last 3-4 years.

So in 2012 after a few years of only drips and drabs of new material (and I foolishly lost my Jimbo Studios domain name and website) myself and Fisher decided we needed a new place to archive our collective work and that is when we started “Waste Of Web Space”. The name basically came from the fact that we would make stupid material and put it online and not many people would watch them apart from our small army of fans (can you call them an army?)

We then began podcasting under our new name in 2012 and it was very much record, stop, record, stop and edit it all together, which to be honest I found to be a pretty dull way of doing it especially since being used to broadcasting live radio. However we had to work with the set up and equipment we had and it was a chance to try something new and myself and Fisher both enjoyed putting together the material for it. We both then took quite a long break as we both were settling down (not together), getting houses and getting married. I then had a daughter come along in the summer of 2017 so we’d never had much time to do any videos or podcasting.

After settling into fatherhood (which is brilliant, honest) I think I felt I had lost a little bit of myself and missed exercising my creative flair and I really didn’t want to do any actual exercise. My radio show on Penistone FM was my only source of creativity but I had been doing it for a long time. So after a year or so of saying we were going to get podcasting again we finally did in October 2017. I invested in some new equipment and taught myself how to get our stuff online in all the right places and more importantly – how we could record on the fly without stopping, almost like a live broadcast which is a lot more fun than stopping and starting.

At the time of writing this we are now on 66 episodes, have been on video since episode 50 and we have even had to face the challenges of Covid-19 learning how to podcast remotely and separately over Skype. In fact our last episode at the time of writing this was our first episode to be broadcast live on Facebook (all be it to about 4 people, but hey its a start) we can see our listening stats are on the rise each year but to be honest we do what we do for the enjoyment of doing it and I think we both hope that people can tell that when they listen to us.

As well as my podcasting with Fisher, I work for a University as a Learning Technologist and I run my own business delivering Interactive PowerPoint Training. I also have a mystery weekend job (sometimes mentioned in the podcast). Due to work commitments and family I semi retired myself from presenting my weekly radio show at Penistone FM. I am a proud dad of a 3 year old girl called Ayda and guess what she wants to do when she is a grown up?

She wants to do a podcast.

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