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WOWS Podcast to Return

After a 4 year hiatus (that’s what it was, we didn’t split up like INSERT BOY/GIRL BAND HERE) the WOWS Podcast presented by myself (Jimbo) and Fisher (not myself) will be back wasting more webspace and more of your time (should you choose to listen) very soon. Here’s everything you need to not really know about our triumphant return.

Where did you go?

I’d like to say that we went to live in some mountains in Malaysia, met a podcasting Jedi called Yoga (also a brand of microphone) who taught us a unique set of skills to turn us into the best podcasters in the Western Hemisphere, but actually we both just got busy with work, getting married, moving houses and most recently for me, having a baby. I’d like to take the credit but it was actually my wife who did 95% of that last bit. 

Why return now?

We want to spend less time with our wives  reignite our creative flair. We feel like we have a lot to offer the world. Take Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, they are both pretty topical and widely talked about,  but Fisher and I both have better hair cuts, more natural chemistry and I think we could trade even better insults with each other. Admittedly we don’t have the nuclear capabilility to reach America but we have upgraded our podcasting system and we think that with some effort we could break America but not in the same way Kim Jong-un wants to.  Before we attempt to break America we are just going to send some podcasts over Japan first, just as a warm up. 

What can we expect?

A bloody good podcast. Topical with a side order of wit. Unfortunately there could be the occasional “dad joke” now I have the license. While we want to retain some of the qualities  that made episodes 1-9 a roaring success with at least over 12 listens per episode (I personally listened 3 times they were that good) we are also going to introduce some new regular features and a different show theme per episode.  If you would like to suggest a theme we are happy to consider, 4 years ago we were bombarded with requests for a “silent” themed episode.

When will the first new podcast be?

When I last spoke to Fisher we agreed we would get to work when he has finished cricket. I think he has finished now so as soon as I’ve finished my tea we’ll make a start.

We will meet up and plan the podcast on a Monday, record the podcast on Tuesday, we’ll be making love on Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday so we’ll probably release the podcast on Sunday. If Craig David can come back from the showbiz wilderness than so can we. 

Being serious now, we’d like to release a new episode every 2 weeks on a Wednesday/Thursday evening. There’s no Eastenders on a Wednesday so there’s a potential audience we can tap into there.

Where can I keep up to date with all this exciting new podcasting?

I knew you would ask that. You can keep an eye on the Waste Of Webspace website (right here) we usually post something every 2-4 years so you’ll never have to wait too long for an update.

Or there’s our twitter @WasteOfWebspace which we use so often that we forgot the password to it. There’s also a Facebook page which I only remembered existed recently. 

Or our personal accounts where you can read my tweets about baby poo and wheelie bin collection dates or Fishers cricket success and late, over crowded trains.



In the mean time check out the original WOWS Podcast episodes 1-9 which are now so out of date that a lot of the celebrities we talk about in them have now died or are in prison. So I suppose we are winning because that didn’t happen to us in our 4 year absence. 

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I Met Football Before I Met You – How to donate/download

I Met Football Before I Met You – is an England World Cup song & video that I am using to fundraise for Macmillan Cancer Support. I’m too lazy to do a marathon and not keen on the idea of having a sponsored bath of baked beans. As this is the third time I have produced this song I have decided to put it to some good use this time and hopefully raise some pennies for a great cause.

Please watch and enjoy the video and then below you will find how you can donate to the cause or download the song – with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support

To donate (minimum of £2) please visit my JustGiving page – and once you have donated you will receive a link to a free download.

Alternatively you can download from the following places (in my dreams it could make…

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My top 10 England Songs

So I’ve introduced you to the 2014 version of I Met Football Before I Met You, my England song raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Which got me thinking about my all time favorite England football songs.

And so here are my top 10 England songs! (click the links to view them on YouTube)

10) Back Home – England Squad of 1970

Before my time this one, but I do like it and I like the idea of the actual squad singing it, maybe this is something they could bring back, could you imagine Wayne Rooney belting out a World Cup song?

9) World at your feet – Embrace (2006)

This is actually a very good song and for that reason its only number 9. For me an England song has to have an element of cheese and this song is probably a little bit too serious for a…

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I Met Football Before I Met You 2014 (England World Cup Song)


It’s World Cup time again and therefore I have decided to remake my “I Met Football Before I Met You” England football song and video. In 2010 it was featured on radio stations including BBC Radio Sheffield and also in the local newspapers such as the Sheffield Star. The song is about the ongoing struggle in a relationship when one persons first love is football!

This year I have decided that I want to do some good with the song and fund raise for a worthy cause. I have chosen to support Macmillan Cancer Support who I feel strongly about as they supported a friend, work colleague and my radio mentor who sadly died at just 40 years old last year.

This time I have had a lot of people helping with the video including Barnsley Sports Academy, Barnsley College staff, mascots Ozzie and Barney Owl of Sheffield…

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Jimbo’s Christmas Message 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New

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