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A series of Christmas videos by Jimbo!

Jimbo’s Advent Calendar Returns Ep1

After a 2 year absence Jimbo is back with the Advent Calendar. With a bigger budget available Jimbo shows off some special effects. Enjoy!

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Jimbo’s Advent Calendar 2010

Jimbo’s Advent Calendar 2010

In 2010 Jimbo decided to get all festive and start his own 24 day advent calendar on the run up to Christmas. Unfortunatly there isn’t any chocolate but there are some useful facts about Christmas Tree’s, Mistletoe and even a re-enactment of the Coronation Street tram disaster! Jimbo even attempts his own version of Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol featuring 2 ghosts and a chicken (ran out of costumes). So on the run up to Christmas  open a new door and enjoy a new Jimbo’s Advent Calendar video. Click here to view them all on YouTube

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