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I'm a radio presenter, video blogger and podcaster. In my spare time I squeeze in a full time job working as a university outreach coordinator. My views are my own however the organisations associated with me my strongly agree with them...this view is my own. Tweet me @JimboStudios

WOWS Podcast Ep.57 Don’t Podcast So Close To Me

Jimbo & Fisher discuss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown.

Includes a truth or lie game of show and tell over Skype which includes a certified Eddie Stobart pocket watch and a red hoodie bringing back Fishers criminal years.

Fisher hosts a quiz about the bad guys of the pandemic which features Mike Ashley, Jack Graelish, Tim Martin, Donald Trump and Lord Alan Sugar.


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Love Will Tear Us 2 Metres Apart – No Joy Divisions

A parody of Joy Divisions, Love Will Tear Us Apart, about social distancing in the UK during the 2020 Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic.

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WOWS Podcast first sponsor – Prod & Poke Social Distancing Sticks

We are proud to announce we have our first sponsor.

Prod & Poke are the worlds leading company in the manufacture of social distancing sticks. The 2 meter poking sticks are ideal during a pandemic and are fitted with anti-bac spray guns as standard. Plus for anyone who listens to the WOWS Podcast they have promised a free upgrade to their electric taser model poking sticks.


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WOWS Podcast Ep.56 Love Will Tear Us 2 Meters Apart

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WOWS Podcast Ep.55 You Gotta Loo Roll with It

Amid the panic over the Corona Virus pandemic, Hugo & Boss AKA Jimbo & Fisher keep calm and carry on talking absolute rubbish.

This episode is a football mascot special. Jimbo tests Fisher’s knowledge of football mascots. Fisher runs a quick fire quiz using only 2 words to describe celebrities with the most Twitter followers.

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WOWS Podcast Ep.54 It’s a Pancake, nothing but s Pancake

It’s pancake day and your favourite useless tossers Jimbo & Fisher are back with another podcast episode

Fisher hosts an Instagram followers quiz and Jimbo tests Fisher on celebrities who have had feuds with Piers Morgan

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WOWS Podcast Ep.53 Video Killed the Podcasting Stars

Jimbo & Fisher celebrate getting on BBC national news moaning about trains.

Jimbo tests Fisher on strange jobs and their salaries, ever heard of snake milking? Fisher hosts a quiz about biased and unfair press aimed at Meghan Markle.


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