Contact us

If you would like to contact us please try one of the following options.

1 – Locate our personal addresses and stand outside (being naked is optional) until you manage to get our attention. If we shut the curtains, throw things at you or call the police then it’s probably not the best time.

2 – Smoke signals – unfortunatly we cannot assume that every smoke signal is meant for us so we apologise if we don’t respond.

3 – Messenger pigeon this is a great method of contacting us, however we don’t like pigeons and if they are clay pigeons they are pretty useless and we will just shoot them. disclaimer: if you send a real pigeon we might mistake it for a clay pigeon.

4 – The best way is to tweet us. Click here to Tweet us

5 – Or contact us using the form below. (The details entered on this form are then shared with everyone we know and you will get shed loads of junk mail and viruses…only joking)