WOWS Poll on North Korea

Here is the first WOWS Poll. The WOWS Poll is a chance for you to have your say in important topics such as world politics, global warming, the economy, ethics and much more.

North Korea has recently been scaring the pants off the rest of the World. It has been threatening to take nuclear action against the US and South Korea. I suppose when you look at it like that the North Koreans could effectively solve two of the Worlds biggest problems – Gangnam Style and Justin Beiber (he is actually Canadian but oh well). That aside the world is still worried about the threat of a nuclear attack. Many sources have claimed that North Korea don’t have the technology to reach the US with a nuclear missile and that the main worry is not an attack but a mistake or an accident. When Yorkshire heard that there could be disaster which would see the South obliterated there were celebrations in the streets. When they found out it was actually South Korea rather than the South of England the Yorkshire people were disappointed that a whole street party would go to waste…and then Margaret Thatcher died.

A BBC Panorama documentary that went undercover in North Korea showed that the hospitals in North Korea had absolutely no patients. This caused shock amongst the journalists and viewers but we couldn’t help but think that at least its better than the NHS waiting lists.

So here is our WOWS Poll this week, we would love to hear what your thoughts are on the question below

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