The 100 (and out) club…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, which made it about as popular as someone auditioning for a part in a Shakespearian play who chooses Gangnam Style as their audition song.


Apologies for the late post tonight, I’ve been playing pool. I’m a big pool fan and I used to work in a job where I dismantled pool cues for a living; the job was well paid – and I could keep the tips… 


Today also marks the 100th day of continuous ‘blogging for me (albeit with the occasional technological failure and the odd day of being pretty busy). 


Having racked up a century, which is more than I’ve ever managed on a cricket pitch, it’s time for me to put the WOWS ‘blog into to retirement for a while – effectively it’s ‘100 and out’. 


No doubt the WOWS ‘blog will appear again periodically, but not daily (not for a few months anyway) – it will live on like the career of an ageing but lovable DJ… not one from Radio 1 in the 1970’s though, one that’s well respected and scandal-free. 


The WOWS ‘blog didn’t set out to achieve anything… yet somehow it managed to fall short… which is a pretty much what we aim for at WasteOfWebSpace… 


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