Maggie; I think we’ve got something to say about you…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received no ‘likes’, which made it about as popular as a man who visits the Tate art gallery and comments that the frames are ‘really nice’ – of course, if you were to visit the Tate Modern art gallery then the picture frames would probably be have c*cks drawn on them as some form of bizarre political statement.


I wasn’t surprised that yesterday’s ‘blog didn’t lead to me getting any comments from people, given that I almost bored myself whilst I was writing it. Although I was reprimanded for my ‘blog on Friday, which mentioned both Ed Balls and George Osborne and I’ve been advised that I should have mentioned a traffic offence involving a Liberal Democrat – so I’d like to point out the Nick Clegg once rode his bike on a pavement. 


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about the death of someone who made roofs out of straw – she was a Thatcher. 


Also, I’m told that Baroness Thatcher passed away today. Whatever your opinion on Thatcher, people should be respectful… particularly given that she was the first transvestite to be the UK’s Prime Minister…


Obviously she was a woman and the first and only female to lead our country and this was 35 years ago when we didn’t really live in equality-ridden and enlightened times, which in itself it as fantastic achievement and she paved the way for all the influential senior female politicians that we have nowadays, like… erm… er… you know, thingy and wotshername…


As is the way, opinion on her leadership is divided and will be discussed more than the payment of the bill on the National Pedants Society’s Christmas Lunch which is attended by all 1,362 members of said society (actually, there’s only 1,361 members, I really hope I’ve annoyed them by saying there were 1362 – and I hope I’ve also annoyed them by not using a comma separator when I just put the number ‘1362’ a few moments ago).


I’ll be honest, I’m too young to remember the majority of Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister, but she appears to have annoyed a lot of people who weren’t even born when she was Prime Minister – which takes some skill. However, I’ve heard bits about her and she appears to be up there with Jimmy Saville and Michael Jackson (allegedly) in terms of the amount of miners she shafted…


That said, she never lost a general election (it was just a case that her own party didn’t like her) and she was apparently a bit of a domestic goddess, with a particular skill for pressing clothes – this earned her the nickname The Iron Lady. 


Her later life was unfortunately besieged by illness, with there being suggestions that she had lost her marbles and had become incapable of rational thought – and a few years later she became the Prime Minister…


After her illness, she passed away this morning following a stroke (initial reports had suggested that she had been suffering from heart problems – although it was then remembered that she didn’t have one).


In her time, she was renowned for many things, one of which was her obsession with eating a cheesy biscuit before she went to bed at night – so it was quite apt that she died at the Ritz… 


That said, in terms of sleeping, it was also a fairly well known fact that Thatcher slept for only a few hours a night – anyone would have thought that her inability to sleep was because she had a guilty conscience…


I’ll not comment any further because she divided opinion so much… some people hated her… whilst other people despised her… but to be fair, some people also had the greatest of admiration for her… and it’s unknown as to whether she will go to heaven or hell… if she does go to hell, then conditions won’t be as bad as they used to be there… as there is no longer any coal to stoke hell’s fires…



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