Not very PCC…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received one ‘like’, which made it about as popular Lance Armstrong’s recent application to complete in swimming competitions – quite what he was going to be doing is a bit of a mystery, although I’d suspect that he was going to swim freestyle in the backstroke competition or something. That said, Armstrong isn’t the only person to have put in a botched application to compete in professional swimming events – Boris Johnson was recently rejected after he misunderstood the meaning of the ‘breaststroke competition’…


I was a bit surprised that yesterday’s ‘blog didn’t lead to me getting any comments from betting fans because of my lack of betting knowledge (I actually had £5 at 6 to 1 on me not receiving any letters). That said I don’t think I made myself sound stupid in respect to my betting knowledge – although I was disappointed that my tip for the first goal scorer in the Grand National wasn’t successful.


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about not much really – I’ve had a busy day and there’s bugger all in the news. 


One story I did notice though was that Britain’s first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner has been reprimanded for posting offensive messages on Twitter. 


In case you were unaware, the role of Police and Crime Commissioner is probably the most pointless role in public life (save for the bloke who stands outside Hartlepool’s football ground selling caviar) and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent then decided to appointed a Youth PCC – just to add another organisational layer of someone who does absolutely sod all (and collects £15,000 a year for it). 


The recruitment process was said to be open and honest by the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner… but unfortunately the chosen candidate had allegedly previously Tweeted offensive remarks that could be considered to be of a racist and homophobic nature… what a stupid Kent…


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