Taking its toll…

There was moderate feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received one ‘like’, which made it about as popular as a ‘1 for the price of 2 offer’ at Tesco.


I was a bit surprised that yesterday’s ‘blog didn’t lead to me receiving any correspondence from Paolo Di Canio after my mentions of his links to racism and fascism; although apparently he is a bit too busy assessing the situation at Sunderland – first up he’s keen to sign John Terry and Luis Suarez on loan…


I also thank the person who advised me that David Miliband was beginning to come under scrutiny for not giving up his seat on The Board at Sunderland which involved him working with Sunderland for 15 days a year and paid him £125,000 (plus a Sunderland season ticket for one adult – which values his remuneration package at around £125,004 per year).


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about the plans to put a massive uncultured grunting beast by the side of the road which runs from London to the South of Wales – it’s called the M4 troll road…


Hang on. 


Apparently it’s called the M4 toll road, so they’re going to charge people to drive on a road that’s been built by the taxpayer (that’s as well as paying fuel duty and car tax – but the fact that you pay car tax and pay duty when you put fule in your car doesn’t mean that you can drive your car on any road, you cheeky little f*cker).


However, George Osborne is keen to build an M4 relief road to invest as part of his plan in commencing infrastructure projects and he said today that he wants to avoid a triple dip recession – so I presume that means that he’s trying to get the UK economy into a quadruple dip recession.


There seems to be little point to the M4 toll road (other than the fact that it’s the quickest way to get out of Wales… actually, scrap that – there’s a very good reason to require a toll road around the M4). 


I suppose the main reluctance of the Welsh Government to adopt the proposed new transport links as a toll road is because the drivers in Wales also have to pay for the Severn river crossings when they’re on the M4 – I mean, I know that you have to cross that big estuary to get into Wales, but I didn’t realise you had to cross six other bridges on the way there.


The main bridge that drivers have to use on the M4 is the Second Severn Crossing… which measures about 5 kilometres in length… and costs £6.20 to drive along in a car… I wouldn’t pay that to get into Wales…


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