There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it once again received no ‘likes’, which made it about as popular as Gordon Ramsey in the family enclosure at a football game – I hope you think that f*cking analogy is f*cking amusing Gordon, you f*cking potty-mouthed tw*t.     


I was a bit surprised that yesterday’s ‘blog didn’t get any correspondence from the students of Oxford or Cambridge University, but they said that I didn’t go to either of their Universities, so I may as well not bother existing. I did get one message from a keen rowing fan who told me that I should be embarrassed by the fact that I wrote a ‘blog containing so many woeful rowing puns – so I wrote back to him telling him not to stick his oar in…


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about David Miliband – who has recently taken on the job as CEO of a large charity based in New York. This has resulted in him resigning as MP for South Shields… and as Board Member of Sunderland FC – he also tried to resign as Ed Miliband’s brother, although he wasn’t allowed (in spite of giving official notice of his resignation on the grounds that Ed Miliband was a cheeky little f*cker who stole David’s dream job).    


By the way, ‘Miliband’ is obviously an unusual name, and it’s not often you hear the word ‘Miliband’ – it certainly isn’t a phrase that was said when News International made their list of approved people who’s phones they were going to hack…


In spite of what I said earlier, David Miliband didn’t actually resign as a Board Member of Sunderland FC because of his new job – or even because they are terrible at football. 


He instead resigned because the club appointed Paolo Di Canio as their manager. Miliband said that he disagreed with Di Canio’s previously reported political views. Di Canio is alleged to have said that he was ‘a fascist, but not a racist’… or ‘a racist, but not a fascist’ – let’s be honest, neither of them is a particularly good thing or have very appealing connotations…


Perhaps we should give this alleged fascist/racist a second chance? Let’s be honest, only an absolute Nazi would pre-judge someone in such a way…


To be fair to Di Canio, we should perhaps focus on all of his on-the-field actions, instead of his off-the-field views… things like pushing the referee over, that happened on-the-field… but in all seriousness, Di Canio was a wonderful footballer and one of the finest to play in the Premiership… he played on the right wing…


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