Let’s see a big smile on your Boat Race…

The lack of feedback is really beginning to pick up the pace, with yesterday’s ‘blog once again receiving no ‘likes’, which made it about as popular as a fully priced Easter egg on Easter Monday – just make it cheaper for me for Pete’s sake, I want the chocolate, but I’m not paying the full price. 


I was a bit surprised that yesterday’s ‘blog didn’t get any correspondence from any pedants telling me what utter tripe I’d been speaking – but perhaps there were that many factual errors that the pedants of this world are still collating details of my bullsh*t in yesterday’s ‘blog.


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about the University Boat Race – where this year’s final was contested by Oxford and Cambridge, again!


I watched all 20 minutes of the race on BBC One during their mindbogglingly long 2 hour Boat Race special, which if you extrapolate it out would mean that a 90 minute football match would last 9 hours – at which point, I’d have thrown my television set out of the window, set up a dartboard with a picture of Adrian Chiles’ face on the front it and starting throwing the thousands of arrows at it (I’ll be honest, I’ve already got the dartboard anyway prepared anyway). 


The absolute lowlight of the BBC’s coverage was their map, which had a special red line on it showing the route taken by the two teams, which was… er… straight along the River Thames…  


The race itself was billed as ‘one of the finest amateur sporting occasions in the world’ – however quite how a race containing 4 Olympic rowers can be consider as an amateur race is beyond me (particularly if it’s a boat race). 


The race itself went quite well, with Oxford or Cambridge winning (it was the team in the blue and white) and the race was umpired by Sir Matthew Pinsent, who was well known for regularly arguing with Sir Steve Redgrave – apparently they were always rowing… 


They aftermath of the race was quite unusual… with the medal ceremony going quite well… the woman handed out the gold medals to the winning team… and then she kissed the cox of the winning crew…


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