So drunk that I forgot to do it yesterday…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received one ‘like’ – which made it about as popular as Rio Ferdinand is in Roy Hodgson’s house. Apparently Hodgson still wants Ferdinand to play on until the 2014 World Cup final (which I think will be held in Brazil, at an undecided venue – unless Hodgson meant something else when he said that he wanted Rio to be involved in the 2014 World Cup final…).


I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get any correspondence from any Cypriots – although I’m told that a few people were thinking about writing to me – although no-one could afford a stamp…


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which isn’t about football. That said, there was a cracking story about Italian team Genoa losing 3-2 to Fiorentina and the winning strike was an own goal scored by a player on loan from Fiorentina – not that I’m saying there is anything remotely corrupt or dodgy about Italian football.


Did you know that Silvio Berlusconi owns AC Milan?…


That said, in fairness to the footballer in question, the game was on Sunday and he might have been out getting drunk for St Patrick’s Day earlier in the day. The player, Mattia Cassani, isn’t an Irishman – although the vast majority of people who drink on St Patrick’s Day aren’t.


There’s a surprising obsession with drinking Guinness – a drink that combines a thin layer of white suppressing a large amount of black (a combination that I was going to compare to South Africa during the 1970’s when we did #IrishTweetsNowtOnTV last year, but I thought it was potentially inappropriate – but I thought I’d mention the fact that I didn’t mention it last year as way of discreetly mentioning it now).  


I obviously still think the above mention is a bit inappropriate (hence me not referring to it), although time helps to fade memories – for example Nelson Mandela is no longer the most recognisable South African prisoner…


Anyhow, I’ve drifted off on a tangent from St Patrick’s Day (perhaps I’m hungover?) and I was out drinking yesterday with an Irishman and a German – although it was a bit embarrassing when the Irishman kept getting the German to buy all his drinks for him…


Quite why we’re so keen to celebrate St Patrick’s Day by drinking Guinness is a bit beyond me… although I fear that I may have just answered my own question there… and the fact that people like to stand in a tent drinking is an interesting concept… although a tent would probably class as a high quality property in Ireland at the moment… 


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