There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received no ‘likes’ – which made it about as popular as the England rugby team (well, in England at least – the Welsh absolutely love the England rugby team as of about 6:45 this evening). 


I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get any correspondence from any mobile network operators – although I’m advised that the CEO of 3 tried to text me, but he’s struggling to get a signal on his phone…


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about rugby. I don’t know much about rugby, but apparently it started at a public school (although I’ve no idea where the school was located) and the game effectively commenced when a schoolboy called William Webb-Ellis picked up the ball up in a football match and ran with it – which annoyed Webb-Ellis as he was only doing his job as his team’s goalkeeper…


Today was the potential Grand Slam title decider of the Six Nations between England and Wales at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff (presumably built in the year 2000, not the year 1000 – I’m also guessing that calling the year 0 a Millenium year would be a bit presumptuous in terms of how long the world would last).    


Wales won the match and I’m not in any way bitter towards Wales and they fully deserve their title as winners of the Five Nations and one Principality…


Awful as though their performance was, to be fair to England, they were much improved on previous years and a lot of that I down to their inspirational captain – who I think is called Rob Shaw…


England are yet to reach the dizzy heights of 2003 when they lifted the World Cup thanks to the kicking and defensive play of their talisman Jonny Wilkinson, a man whose name spelled out the how much of a hard-as-nails man he was (a combination of condoms and a Wilkinson Sword razor). His opposite number in the victory in the World Cup final against Australia was a man called Elton Flatley (a man whose name spelled out how much of a hard-as-nails man he was…). 


Although to be fair… that’s the least of Australia’s problems… as they’ll apparently be playing rugby against some Lions later on this summer…


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