A Samsung Galaxy far, far away

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it received no ‘likes’ – which made it about as popular as Lord Leveson’s recommendations to David Cameron (Labour and the Liberal Democrats seemed to agree on it – perhaps they should form some kind of left-wing coalition together?).


I was a bit surprised that I didn’t get any correspondence from the bloke who twice won the lottery – although I’m advise that he didn’t give a toss about my ‘blog and he was annoyed that I got his hopes up and tagged the ‘blog with the word ‘skydiving’ when ultimately I just told a few jokes about the National Lottery. 


However, one eagle-eyed reader did contact me and let me know that I kept spelling the place ‘Ilford’ incorrectly, I was spelling it ‘Illford’ – this was a big mistake and I can ill-afford to make this error again…


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s blog, which is about popular and cool mobile phones; so it’s about iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and HTC’s… but not Blackberries… one of which I own… and it works about as well as a racist 55 year old the North – although at least my Blackberry it doesn’t blame the Polish for its inability to work.


I’ll be honest, I’ve digressed somewhat (besides, surely a racist would hate a Blackberry – they’d much prefer Whitberries). 


I’m still digressing…


I’ll try to get back on track.  


…there was a time about 8 years ago when there was an obsession with having a phone as small as possible – indeed some of them used to be as small as Tony Blair’s conscience. However, things have now changed and the majority of mobile phones are now larger than a pocket dictionary. 


I believe this new trend is due to the obsession with people owning ‘smartphones’, which is something I own and it is fairly impressive – especially with the suit, shirt and tie that it wears. 


I’m so impressed with these new-fangled phones that I’ve decided to hang a few of them up above the cot of one of my young relatives – he loves his mobile… 


The latest smartphone to be unveiled is the Samsung Galaxy S4, which uses technology which is so intelligent that is moves internet pages up and down using sensors that detects where people’s eyes are looking. Fortunately it’s only the mobile phone screen which detects and where someone’s eyes are looking and subsequently moves – so don’t worry lads, you can continue to wear sunglasses and stare at women without their boobies moving up and down and giving the game a way…


The new Samsung Galaxy S4 also has a special feature where videos that the user is watching will pause when the user looks away… at WasteOfWebSpace we’re always keen to keep up with technology though… which is why we do an audio podcast… as there’s no such thing as technology that can sense when a user doesn’t want to stop listening to something… f*ck you Samsung…


(By the way, episode 4 of our podcast is available and it’s well worth a listen… albeit it my view is quite biased). 


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