Put you’re apostrophe’s in the right place…

First and foremost, the incorrect use of the apostrophes in the title was entirely intentional.  


Anyhow, it’s time to reflect on yesterday’s ‘blog (by the way, the reason that I put an apostrophe in the word ‘blog is because it’s short for the word “weblog”) before moving onto today’s topic and there wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog; there were no ‘likes’ (especially from my friends in the pub who sat and watched me spend 45 minutes attempting to upload the ‘blog on my Blackberry, it didn’t work and I had to use my friend’s Samsung Galaxy S3 – it’s almost as though Blackberries are rubbish…).


I didn’t get any correspondence from guns fans, although I managed to get a letter from a teacher in South Dakota, who had printed off my ‘blog and sent it back to me in the post with the spelling mistakes underlined. 


Anyhow, it’s time to forge on with today’s ‘blog, which is about Mother’s Day. Specifically, I want to claim this day for my Mum and only my Mum – that’s why I’ve called it Mother’s Day and not Mothers’ Day. 


I was unsure in terms of what I should do for my Mum today, so I dressed up in bandages like an Ancient Egyptian and wished her a happy Mummy’s Day…


I suppose it’s nice for women to have Mother’s Day so soon after International Womens’ Day (or should that be International Women’s Day?) – although that day didn’t really have an affect on me as I don’t know any international women (even though there’s well over 3 billion of them – and to be fair, even a seasoned campaigner like Russel Brand probably only knows around 2.5 billion of them). 


I suppose it would be nice if we didn’t have to have specific days to remember the importance of the special women in our lives and us men could permanently not be sexist and arrogant when discussing females… women do so many wonderful things on a daily basis that put men to shame and us men shouldn’t make belittling comments about women… I loved Mother’s Day and I got my Mum some flowers… I got her some plain and some self-raising…

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