Take a look at me now…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog (there were no ‘likes’). Indeed, it’s hardly a surprise given that the format of the ‘blog totally messed up and looked as fundamentally wrong as the idea of George Michael teaching a course in how to drive safely – it was also the silliest format of something I’ve seen since the 2001 Wimbledon tennis tournament started with the final on day 1 and then worked backwards to the first round… although at least it meant Tim Henman got through to the second week for a change…


I was a bit surprised to see that no police officers contacted me to complain – although I think that a fair amount of them were a bit busy passing top secret information to News International or carelessly shooting Brazilians wearing bomber jackets (not that kind of bomber…).


Anyhow, it’s time stop talking about guns and move onto today’s ‘blog, which is about guns. Specifically, it’s about guns in America and their views on gun control. One big anti-gun campaigners is the demi-god that is Piers Morgan… sorry, I meant ‘the dickhead that is Piers Morgan’. To be fair to him, and I’ll happily say it, I agree with Piers Morgan on this point – even though I wouldn’t be that adverse to someone shooting Piers Morgan.


After numerous recent gun-related atrocities in American schools, the state of South Dakota have announced that they will allow teachers (and other people who work in schools) to carry guns with them if they want, the idea is that by giving people guns it will make things safer. That’s a great plan, could there possibly be a better way to prevent schoolchildren getting shot than putting guns into schools?


Yes. Yes there could… and it would involving not bringing in laws that actively encouraged people taking guns into school. Such a viewpoint is about as logical as getting a tax avoider like Philip Green to head up a Government review it getting people to pay tax… oh no wait, that actually happened…


I suppose the preferred method should just be to give all the schoolchildren guns as well. Then that way they could adopt a star wars approach and everyone would be safe as all the people had the same weaponry and therefore everything would be fine – that would work surely?


Clearly it wouldn’t and I was watching a staunch advocate of gun use was on the news giving a speech the other day about allowing every man and woman in American access to a gun… he was also wearing a pretty horrible vest with no shirt and jumper… it all looked a bit inappropriate and vests like that should be banned… although the American constitution does give the right for him to bear his arms…

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