Paying the Pryce…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog. Indeed, I had absolutely no ‘likes’ whatsoever; which made the ‘blog about as popular as a right-wing politician at the funeral of Hugo Chavez – on the subject of Hugo Chavez, there’s been many tributes to him, with some people even printing his initials on their bathroom taps as a way to remember him. 


I was half expecting to receive some letters through the post from Manchester United fans. Although this didn’t really logically flow, so I then expected to receive a few turds in a bottle. Fortunately this didn’t happen, as a result I didn’t receive any bottles containing putrid content – although I was given a few bottles of Carling the other day…


Following my mention of football yesterday, it was notable that Rio Ferdinand was let off by UEFA following his actions at the final whistle of the Manchester United game on Tuesday – when he heard the news, he went and clapped loudly in the face of the man who made the decision… 


Anyhow, it’s time to crack on with today’s ‘blog and I wasn’t surprised to see that Chris Huhne’s estranged wife Vicky Pryce had been convicted of perverting the course of justice… also there was a story about a policemen who had conducted a survey on the defication habits of koalas… and it turned out that bears do sh*t in the woods… and it’s hard to know which was the greater waste of police time… 


(I’ve had a busy day…)


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