United in defeat…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, it got no ‘likes’ although my previous ‘blog post about the drinking habits of Australians received a ‘like’ – I’m not sure why it took so long for this post to be ‘liked’, perhaps it was because it was the first time since publishing that the Australians had been sober enough to operate a computer?


I was surprised to see that I didn’t got many comments from the fans of Justin Bieber, although I did get 1 message which said ‘y do u h8 Justin? we luv justin u r not a Bieleiber #bieberfever #bieberforever’ – I’m not sure which Tweeter used sent me that, although I’m guessing it wasn’t Stephen Fry. 


Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, which is about football, particular it’s about a team called Manchester United (I was going to write about the president of Venezuela dying, but I decided to write about Wayne Rooney and Co – so it’s more about Chavs than it is about Chavez). 


Besides, I was desperately trying to think of a pun based around the name of the capital of Venezuela, but I couldn’t think of one – and trying to craft a good pun was driving me Caracas…


Talking about things that are crackers, the Turkish referee in the Manchester United game made a terrible decision last night; well, that’s the opinion of the Man United fans – for the opposition fans, it was a Turkish delight… 


I was a bit surprised when I heard the team news for Man United last night and that Wayne Rooney had been left out of the team. I also scoured the teamsheet and saw that that Christiano Ronaldo bloke who was quite good for Man United a few years ago wasn’t on Man United’s team list, but it turned out that he was actually playing and that’s not a joke – it was for Real…


The game was going okay until Man United’s Portuguese winger kicked the former Liverpool player Xabi Alonso in the chest (surely Alonso didn’t deserve to be kicked – even if he did formerly to play for Liverpool) and the Man United star was shown a card that was the same colour as Sir Alex Ferguson’s face and he became quite upset – he started crying and asked for his Nani…


Anyhow, Sir Alex was quick to comment on the decision… apparently it was a, ‘f*cking awfully sh*t decision, which was f*cking embarrassingly bad and so f*cking sh*t that the absolute f*cking w*nker of a referee should be f*cking ashamed of his f*cking embarrassing self’… Real Madrid’s manager then asked Ferguson if he though the decision was the correct one… Ferguson was quick to respond… he said, ‘No way, Jose’… 


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