Police, Camera, Action… No, don’t do that…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, indeed it received no ‘likes’, making it about as popular as a Nandos is to a vegetarian – although I think vegetarians should actively seek to eat Nandos. Let’s be honest, their excuse for not doing so is pretty poultry…

Perhaps the reason for the lack of comments was because all the Australians were too busy being cultured and going to the theatre. I’m not sure which their favourite part of a theatrical performance is – but I’m guessing it was the interval where they were able to sink about 10 pints of lager…

Anyhow, it’s time to move onto today’s ‘blog and it’s nice to see that the South African police force are keeping themselves out of the news, the last thing they’d need is for them to be seen handcuffing a taxi driver from Mozambique to a police van and then for them to drive through the streets with him in tow.

Oh f*ck.

They’ve only gone and handcuffed a taxi driver from Mozambique to a police van and then driven him through the streets.

Still at least is hasn’t been video and if it has, at least the video hasn’t been leaked.

Double f*ck.

Well, that’s not the best news for the South African police force is it? What with the whole Oscar Pistorius case, which has now been thrown into more controversy after it was revealed that the brother of Pistorius is also on a murder charge – is there anyone connected to the Pistorius case that isn’t alleged to have killed anyone?

Anyhow, today’s ‘blog is being shortened as I’m in London this weekend… so I’m glad that I’m in a place where they don’t have a violent police force…

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