Fostering ambitions…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog (there were no ‘likes’) although my ‘blog post the other week about The Pope seemed to regain in popularity (or ‘pope-ularity’), which just goes to prove how timeless these ‘blog posts really are. That said, perhaps it’s just the world we live in and if I was to make a joke about John Terry being racist then it would always hold true – although I wouldn’t make such a joke as Terry was acquitted of said crime in a Court of Law…

There was little feedback from badger fans either and I’m struggling to think of any further badger related puns as a way of passing comment on this in all honesty.

Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog, you great big puffy woofters… as today’s ‘blog is about Australia.

There was a time when Australia was inhabited purely by the Aborigines and thus the place was uncivilised – and look at it now!

I’m not really sure what Australia’s main exports are, although I’m guessing they’re daytime soap operas and barman who work in London. I’m also pretty sure their main industry is drinking.

Although apparently that now isn’t the case and there’s an increasing amount of Australians who now don’t drink – and some of them are even men.

Quite what has happened to the Australians is beyond me, a few years ago a group of Australians at a music festival complained because they were only allowed to take 24 cans into the festival with them per day – although perhaps One Direction were performing, hence them needing more than 24 cans to make the day seem bearable.

It’s a shame that Australia isn’t now strong drinking nation that it once was… there was one man in particular who was affected terribly by heavy drinking to such an extent that he got married and split up on numerous occasions… he now has 4X wives…

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