A Black and White decision…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, (there were no ‘likes’). The resulting ‘no likeies’ meant that the ‘blog was far less popular than Paddy McGuinness, as he seems to be surprisingly well-liked – although personally when his bloody awful TV show comes on, I often ‘let the finger, see the off button’.

They’re were no comments from bowling fans either, although I’m assured that a few people from the British Bowling Association wrote to me and they all chucked their letters into a central pot which was due to be delivered directly to my mailbox – but unfortunately the mechanism doing this was jammed and the letters weren’t received.

Anyhow, it’s time to move onto today’s blog and there wasn’t much happening in the news today, although I was distracted by the headline ‘pilot badger culls approved’ – I’m delighted by this and I think that we should seriously consider whether allowing badgers to fly planes is in any way a sensible plan.

Although apparently, there are also plans to cull non-pilot badgers in order to stop the spread to bovine tuberculosis – although I’m not sure which idiot came up with that idea as bovine tuberculosis affects cows and not badgers!

Clearly these people who’ve implemented this plan can’t distinguish between cows and badgers – although telling them apart clearly isn’t a black and white issue…

How to cull the animals has also been the subject of much debate… and the man who’s running the process has been bombarded with various ideas and constantly asked how he should handle things… but he got quite frustrated with all the questions in the end… and he asked people to stop badgering him…

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