Bowling them over…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, indeed there were no ‘likes’ – which makes it about as popular as Colonel Sanders at a fine foods convention. I was going to say something else about the Colonel Sanders which would have been quick rude towards him – but I’ve Chickened out of it…

Sir Ranulph Fiennes didn’t get in touch with me, but apparently he was busy encountering difficulties with the central heating in house – apparently he had to ring an emergency plumber and he just couldn’t handle the cold.

In terms of what’s been in the news… well… I don’t really know as I’ve been playing ten pin bowling this evening.

I was asked to go bowling and I duly obliged – although I looked like a bit of an idiot when I turned up with my flat cap, a mat, my balls and a jack.

There wasn’t much happening, although I bowled pretty. Albeit, I was no-where near as good as Cassius Clay who used to be a fantastic bowler in his youth, before deciding to become a heavyweight boxer – hence he was nicknamed ‘Bowling Ali’…

There wasn’t much to really talk about, although there was an odd moment when most of the staff at the bowling alley staged a mass walk-out and went on Strike… fortunately disaster was averted when the owners of the place managed to find a few Spare members of staff… and they also took on a few new members of staff to deal with the heavy volume to customers… they weren’t permanent members of staff though… they were just tenpin…

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