Boldly going… home…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although I did get one ‘like’ – which made it more popular that Chris Huhne at a family dinner and as successful as Peter Andre’s 19th relaunch of his music career.

Perhaps the reason there was a lack of feedback was because the majority of people had nipped out to try and create a bit of street art. I’ve got to admit, I’m in total awe of artists and their ability to depict scenery. Although apparently many artists have stigmatisms in their eyes and should wear glasses – Van Gogh is one such artist who should have worn glasses, but he couldn’t wear them because he only had one ear…

Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog which is being written in a relatively cold temperature. Not that I’ve put my heating on mind you, I’ve stuck an extra jumper on… and second pair of trousers… and a deerstalker hat… and thermal socks… and a ski jacket… and a scarf… and a gloves… but not a vest – I’m not a wuss!

Whilst I’m doing that, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has been busy preparing to trek 2,000 miles across the Antarctic during its winter – although I’d suspect even if they attempted it during the summer in Antarctica, then it still wouldn’t be what you’d describe as ‘shorts weather’.

During the ‘warm-up’ (surely an inappropriate way to describe the preparation for an Antarctic expedition?) he took his glove off and contracted frostbite – which surprised me as I didn’t realise that there was anything left of him that could contract frostbite given that he has less fingers than a cannibals’ buffet (that is what they mean by a ‘finger buffet’ isn’t it?).

Frostbite is no doubt a horrible condition to contact and it is something that Sir Ranulph has suffered from, notably when he visibly suffered from it on his nose – at which point he became known as Sir Rudolph Finnes…

It must also be incredibly difficult for Sir Ranulph to drop out of the trek, particularly given the nature of this task… where his team will trek through the coldest place on earth… well… it’s the second coldest place on earth… George Osborne’s heart is the coldest place on earth…

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