We’ve thought of a name… we decided to add another number on…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, yet again there were no ‘likes’ – which means this ‘blog is currently about as popular as Hanibal Lector at the National Vegetarians Conference or Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrats Party Conference… or indeed any conference… or indeed with any group of people… or indeed, just as popular as Nick Clegg…

I’m glad yesterday’s ‘blog with its minor mentions of Oscar Pistorius didn’t attract the attention of the police officer leading the case; although I’m advised that this is because he was too busy shooting at a minibus, allegedly. To be fair to him, I can’t but help think he’s a bit of an amateur compared to Pistorius as the policeman in question is only up on a charge of attempted murder.

Anyhow, it’s time to move on to today’s ‘blog which is on the lovely subject of computer games. I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of computer games, I did used to like Pacman – but I’ve gone off him because I think he’s a bit rude to contestants on University Challenge…

That was a joke, Pacman is a game involving a hungry pizza with a slice missing running around and eating food – and it was pretty much a forerunner for the career of John Prescott.

Sony today released their latest games console, which was the unimaginatively named PlayStation 4 and the most underwhelming lack of creatively since someone in a planning meeting for Gillette’s new razor said, ‘hang on, why don’t we just put another blade on it’

As I say, I’m not really into my computer games and my preference is to play with a cardboard container which I’ve flat-packed back down – as it’s an ex-box…

Although in my younger years I had a Sega Megadrive, a Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1; but unfortunately they were all stolen and I was really upset – someone had to Console me…

I suppose this is very much a crunch-time for Sony as they made a loss of 456.7bn Yen last year which is pretty terrible, although that equates to £3.2bn – which, in the context, looks pretty good.

Although, that said they’ve still lost more money than Paul McCartney does when he goes through a divorce. Come to think of it though, given that McCartney was married to someone who had a false leg, undergoing a divorce that resulted in him only losing a load of money surely wasn’t too bad.

The launch of the PlayStation 4 was a bit of an unusual event though as they didn’t even show people what the PlayStation 4 looked like, instead they just showed they details of what the controller looked like… unsurprisingly… it looked like a PlayStation controller… Nonetheless, the launch of the PlayStation 4 was impressive… but it was slightly outshone by the launch of the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 6 and the PlayStation 7…

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