Music to my ears…

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, (there were no ‘likes’) which perhaps indicates that the whole Oscar Pistorius story is already dying down.

I suppose the story does reveal a lot about South Africa and it does show that the country has come on leaps and bounds in the past 20 years, given the fact that they’ve currently arrested a white man and charged him with murder – although I doubt they’ll be a big ‘Frrrreeeee Oscar Pistorius’ campaign and I can’t see Pistorius being made President on his release from jail either.

Anyhow, having claimed that yesterday’s ‘blog was going to be about the Oscars, (which is blatantly wasn’t) today’s ‘blog is going to be about the Brits (which it blatantly might be – you’ll have to read on until the end of the ‘blog).

It’s the Brit Awards tonight and it is one of the biggest nights in the UK music calendar – they are also said to be Nick Griffin’s favourite award ceremony…

The awards are being hosted by that James bloke from Gavin and Stacey, although he caused a security alert during rehearsal – apparently this resulted in part of the venue being Cordoned off… That said, it’s easy to criticise James Cordon, but there are quite a few worse people who’ve presented music-based television shows in the past 40 years than him…

Because the Brits are so popular, there were many of the great and the good of the music industry at the Brits… and it’s also rumoured that Simon Cowell attended…

The awards on offer are all fairly bog-standard, with the award for best British Single going to Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen for a quick run they took in the 2nd test match against South Africa last summer (it was a particularly good run given that one of the South Africa players took his shotgun out and aimed fire at Alastair Cook as Cook looked a bit like he was a burglar and/or girlfriend).

Other people nominated for awards included Damon from Blur, who was nominated for Best British Albarn and the best International Group went to the Black Keys – which really annoyed John Terry as he’d said that his favourite International Group was the Ku Klux Klan…

Performing at the show were stars such as Taylor thingy who sang Love Story, she was famously accosted by Kanye West at an American awards ceremony a few years ago and was pretty embarrassed by the whole incident – so she made a Swift exit…

There was also a surprise win for a man called either Ben Howard or Howard Ben, who won Best British Male… he beat off competition from Richard Hawley, Olly Murs, Calvin Harris and that bloke who had an album called The Defamation of Strickland Banks… although I can’t think of his name… which is annoying as I was going to make a joke about him… I think I now need a Plan B…


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