Feeling a little horse…

The wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although a couple of Italian men got in touch to say that they enjoyed my references to Shakespeare and they asked if I’d try to drop in the name of a few Shakespearean plays into today’s ‘blog – I said that I try my best to do what I could for these Two Gentleman of Verona…

Anyhow, it’s time to crack on with today’s topic, which is food products. I ‘blogged about this about 3 weeks ago, but the story has come back into the news. It turns out that a lot of the purported cow-related food wasn’t what is claimed to be on the side of the packaging. Whilst people were led to believe that they were eating cow meat, it was actually bullsh*t…

These people were of course eating horsemeat, with some ‘beef’ products containing up to 100% horsemeat. Apparently this really annoyed the workers on the production line of the ready meals factory, some of whom had been working incredibly hard and had put in 110%…

Quite how a lasagne can contain 100% horsemeat is beyond me, as surely it should contain pasta and tomatoes as well? Whoever made these lasagnes had a real Comedy of Errors.

Whilst many supermarkets have withdrawn products, wholesalers have also been affected and therefore certain restaurants have had issues with their meals. For example, one pub near Legoland had a group of local ladies attending a meal whilst their husbands were playing golf. The women ate a lot of horsemeat, but because they’d had so much to drink they didn’t notice – apparently The Merry Wives of Windsor weren’t really bothered…

There’s also been murmurs in the press about certain celebrities consuming some of the meals containing horsemeat, these include: Lee Mack, Beth Tweddle, David Beckham’s son Romeo and Juliette Lewis. However, this isn’t the first time that we as a nation have suffered a horsemeat scare, during World War 2 there was a similar scare which made the well known cigar smoker and then Prime Minster Winston Churchill nearly choke on his Hamlet went heard the news.

It’s hard to know where this will end, perhaps it will turn out that ham contains hamsters and I was shocked to find out recently that the beefcake I ate last weekend didn’t contain any trace of Peter Andre whatsoever… I’m not sure whether it should have done, but I’m sure I imagined this when I was asleep one evening last July… but that may have just been a Midsummer Night’s Dream…

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