The King of rhyming slang…

There wasn’t a great deal of feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although Duncan Bannatyne did get in touch with me and asked me to make a sly reference to promote his chain of health spas. I refused to the grounds that it was immoral and in any event, I didn’t even know the name of Bannatyne’s Health Spas [was that okay Duncan? If so, please can you invest in the WasteOfWebSpace website; a 25% share would cost you approximately £5).

Anyhow, it’s time to crack on with today’s topic, which was the news that Richard III’s skeleton was found in a pub car park in Leicester – let’s be honest, when isn’t there a pub car park in Leicester with a dead body in it?

Richard III’s ancestors have now asked that his body is returned to York to be buried in York Minster, but it appears to be quite unlikely – they are currently giving battle in vein…

Richard III notably had a Shakespearian novel named after him (it was called Richard III, obviously) and he isn’t the only King who was the subject of a Shakespearian play who had his skeleton found. Henry IV had his seperated body and skull discovered once – they were nicknamed Henry IV part 1 and Henry IV part 2.

It goes without saying that when I heard that Richard the Third had been found in a pub car park, I naturally though it was an incredibly slow day for news and I presumed that there was then going to be a news story about Eartha Kitt, Thora Hurd and Barry White also being found on a pub car park.

However the Richard the Third, turned out to be the former king and as previously mentioned, there’s a movement (no pun intended) to take his body to York and the story seems surprisingly popular for someone who died 500 years ago. An exhibition in Leicester has already taken place with a ‘replica of his skull’ being in-situ – although quite how you would be able to tell the difference between his skull and someone else’s skull is beyond me and is giving me a bigger headache than the final headache that Charles I had.

The bloke who set up the museum display (the ‘curator’ – which I always thought was what you’d call a man who assessed snooker equipment). Said that he was happy to get 1,000 people a day at his exhibition… a man named Andy Morris was the first in line to see the display and said he was on the verge of tears… he was quoted as saying “I said yesterday that I would be the first in the queue and I’m here”… 63 days before the exhibition opened…

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