You’re Gay, Right?

There wasn’t much feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog although I received an email accusing me of a variety of things, not least that my ‘blog was factually inaccurate and that I’d be made to pay for the unfair dispersions that I’d cast towards the main subjects of the ‘blog. Unfortunately the email was sent from the account so I’m not sure who sent it – first I got a text from Chris Huhne saying that his ex-wife sent it, then Vicky Pryce Tweeted me to say that Chris Huhne sent it, then I had a voicemail saying it was sent by Vicky Pryce…

Goodness me! I hope they don’t do this kind of thing regularly – what a waste of valuable time (well, my time, so maybe it’s not that valuable) and resources this pair of bickering children are…

However, one thing you couldn’t accuse Chris Huhne of is being gay (even if his is a liberal). Chris Huhne likes women be it his wife (soon to be ex-wife) or a paid member of the Liberal Democrats 2010 election team (his current partner).

The reason I mentioned gay people in that paragraph is because today the House Commons voted to allow same-sex marriages. A lot of news channels referred to it as ‘allowing gay people to get married’ – which isn’t correct; they could get married previously, just not to people of the same sex. One news channel also referred to it as ‘allowing homosexuals to marry each other’ – which isn’t correct either; homosexuals could marry other homosexuals but it’d have to involve a gay man marrying a lesbian woman (some of whom look a bit like men, so therefore that would surely be a huge advantage to the gay man in this sham of a marriage?).

Personally, when I heard the news I was… well… I wasn’t really bothered to be honest. I don’t see myself as being remotely affected by this, save from the fact I get to write ‘blog about it which may or may not contain smutty references towards gay culture (I’ll try to keep them to a minimum). Anyhow, why should we prevent a gay man from putting a ring on his boyfriend’s finger? (I failed).

The views of the major Political parties were interesting, Ed Miliband said it was a great move for people in love – and he also suggested bringing in Civil Partnerships for heterosexual couples…

Nick Clegg said it was a ‘great day for equality and it allows for people to be treated fairly and equally within their relationship’… before he then headed home to iron one of David Cameron’s shirts…

The Conservatives were a little different with around 140 of them voting against the bill, with one Tory MP saying, “the view was that this was going to show us as a party in touch, well, we have done. The nation is divided, we have shown ourselves as a party to be divided.” Those were the words of David Burrowes MP, who’s the Minister for putting a positive spin on a bad situation – he also went on to say that the genocide occurring in Syria was ‘dreadful… but at least it isn’t snowing over there’

After such a stupid comment, I’m surprised Burrowes hasn’t gone underground… to be fair thought, the nation is divided on the question of same-sex marriage… and how could the Tories show themselves to be more in touch? Well… I think people in general could form the opinion that all people are equal for starters… there’s no need to look down your nose at people with such utter disdain as though they’re sub-human scum… even if they are Tory MPs…

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