You absolute buff-Huhne…

There wasn’t much in the way of feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although once person objected to my insinuation that Tesco is an expensive place and they pointed to the fact that they sell trollies in their car park for just £1.

Talking about people who could be off their trolley, Chris Huhne was in the news today. It turns out that when he said that he wasn’t lying, he was actually lying and he tried to cover up his initial lie with another lie – that’s the truth of the matter… I think…

The whole lie stemmed from an incident in 2003 when Huhne’s car was clocked speeding and his then wife, Vicky Pryce, claimed to have been driving the car. It was then rumoured, and strenuously denied, that Pryce had falsely claimed to have been driving the car in order take 3 penalty points on behalf of Huhne. I suppose it’s good to be moral, but in terms shifting the blame onto someone else in order to save your skin – every shamed MP has his Pryce.

The allegation itself was brought to the public fore when Huhne was caught lying by his wife. This time he was ‘lying’ in bed and the fact that a lady called Carina Trimingham was lying next to him meant that his wife wasn’t too happy, with most of her anger been vented at the woman he was having his love tryst with – she worked in a butchers and specialised in cutting wafer thin slices of pork meat to the correct size… she’s Trimingham by name and trimming ham by nature…

Huhne pleaded guilty today to being a pervert in the corset of justice (or something like that, I wasn’t really listening to the news) and said that he would step down as MP for Eastleigh, however he denied that he was a compulsive liar and said that he’d always been truthful in the past and that’s what helped him win a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics and assisted him when he became the first man to swim up Mount Everest.

As a result of his indiscretions, Huhne’s political career is left more in tatters than a car that had accidentally driven off the edge into the Grand Canyon (Huhne claims not to have been driving said car, but we can’t be certain). When he was charged by the CPS last year, he resigned his cabinet post as environment secretary – him being given that job in the first place was quite ironic given the large amount of hot air coming out of his mouth.

His somewhat undignified fall from grace is quite embarrassing really and the manner in which he lied about an incident involving the misuse of a mode of transport for nearly a decade has drawn many comments:

– Nick Clegg said he was, “shocked and saddened” by Huhne’s admission;

– David Cameron said, “it is a matter for Mr Huhne and his family.” (I’m not sure where his wife fits into that); and

– Lance Armstrong said, “he only lied for 10 years!? What an amateur…”

Following Huhne’s resignation as an MP, the Liberals Democrats are now without one of their heavyweight Politicians (albeit the phase ‘Liberal Democrat heavyweight Politician’ is surely one of life’s great contradictions?) and Huhne may now end up in prison – although he made himself look a bit silly when he asked his wife who was sat in the Courtroom gallery if she’d be up for doing 6 months in Wormwood Scrubs on his behalf.

It’s now time for Huhne to look for an different career and he has already considered alternative employment – he has recently tried his hand at football management… he was dreadful though and kept losing… he could never go home with 3 points…

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