Every Little Helps… actually, just give us all your money…

There was limited feedback on yesterday’s ‘blog, although one Canadian person did suggest that I start charging people to read this ‘blog – but unfortunately the amount they were willing to pay per day had just been taken out of circulation.

Additionally, the ‘likes’ were back, with 3 recent ‘blog posts receiving ‘likes’ in the last 24 hours, the WasteOfWebSpace ‘blog is so timeless that we can receive ‘likes’ 2 weeks after our daily ‘blog has been posted (if you’re reading this, feel free to give it a ‘like’ – even if you’re reading it in the year 2036 and the internet is slowly getting phased out of society by things like cars that run on water and high speed rail).

Anyhow, talking about moving with the times, the former top man at Tesco (‘Tesco’ also being the name of Lord Sebastian Coe’s sister by the way), Sir Terry Leahy, said that the closure of small shops is ‘part of progress’ (presumably for British life?). Although I don’t really know what he’s talking about as I often go to smaller shops – such as Tesco Express and Sainsbury’s Local…

Leahy’s comments were made on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, where the premise of the show is that he had to chose his favourite songs to take with him whilst he was castaway to a serene tranquil environment… which was slightly ruined by the massive Tesco Extra that had been built on the sandy white beach…

To be honest, I’m the same as I’m guessing everyone else and I shop at the large supermarkets as it’s far more convenient and supermarkets will sell everything – to the extent where they don’t really sell much food nowadays.

As I say, they do sell anything there nowadays. When I was in my local supermarket yesterday, Mr Kipling was in the store and was happily signing cakes in the bakery (I also asked him to sign my copy of the Jungle Book, but apparently that’s a different bloke. I and a lot of other people started to panic at finding this out – if only I could have kept my head whilst all around me were losing there’s…).

A shopping trip is nowadays always eventful and everyone has to do it, in a trip to the supermarket, you’ll see: Ranulph Fiennes in the frozen section making light work of things; George Michael crashing his trolley into other shoppers (and the photo-me booth) and Jedward – what an awful example of a buy one get one free that is…

I suppose the supermarket industry (if it can be classed as an industry, they don’t really make many things – other than a shed load of money) has been put through the ringer recently. A few weeks ago there was the horse-meat scandal and a few days ago it was announced that certain quantities of pig-meat had been found in halal products – I’m not sure if this is true or whether someone has been telling me porkies…

For places that sell food and indeed places where we spend a fair amount of time, supermarkets do tend to look a bit grubby and dated with their tiled floors. The other day when I was in Tesco there was a pile of vomit on aisle 6 that I noticed when I was buying some biscuits… and it was still there 30 minutes later when I went back on that aisle… I told an employee it been there for half an hour… so he knocked 25% off and reduced it £2.99…

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